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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lincoln's Reading Corner March 2013

I am late posting March's reading corner, but I didn't want to skip it!  There are only a few outstanding favorites this month, but my goodness!  We have been reading a lot.  Some days we will read twenty or thirty books or more.  That is a huge deal around here - I'm so excited!  Addie is getting to be pretty excited to see the pictures in books as well - I may have to update the title of this series pretty soon.

1. Sleepy-Time FunThis book is from Disney and features little vignette pages with characters from Toy Story, The Lion King, Bambi and more amid two "main" stories.  One is about how Mickey finds Pluto in a pet shop and the other is about Donald and his nephews.  Cute, original, and comes with a bonus lullaby CD.  My favorite thing about this book is that the pages are thick.  Not quite board book thickness, but enough that I don't have to worry about Lincoln ripping out the pages when I turn my back.

2. Goodnight MoonThis book has made a huge comeback in our house!  We read it almost every night before bed.  Lincoln loves to point out the clocks, bunny, stars, mouse, house, spoon, bowl, bears, chairs, and of course, the moon. 

3. Everything Goes: 123 Beep Beep BeepDaddy found this book at the library and it has been a big hit.  He likes to point at the vehicles on each page while I count them.  The only issue we have is that counting is something he does frequently on the iPad, and he gets mad when the cars don't move when he presses them!

4. DraculaThis book from Babylit is a little creepy, yet awesome.  It's a counting primer and features wolves, ships, garlic flowers, and coffins (nicely referred to as boxes)!  We taught Lincoln to howl like the wolves and it is ridiculously adorable.

5. Pocoyo and FriendsPocoyo is one of our favorite youtube channels, and Lincoln has had fun reading about Pocoyo, Pato, Elly, Loula and Sleepy Bird!

6. My First Truck Board BookThis book features some obscure trucks in addition to the normal ones - freight truck, logging truck, paver, forklift, etc.  It's a nice one to turn to when you just can't read about garbage trucks or fire trucks anymore!

We already have a few new favorites for April, so check back for those later this month!  If you're looking for more reading ideas, you can check out all our recent favorites here!

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