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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Disney Challenge Day 3: Favorite Hero

Day three of the Disney challenge, and I am already having trouble choosing my favorites!  Today's topic is Favorite Hero.!


I thought for a few minutes about choosing Mr. Incredible.  Even though he's not a classic character (since he's from a more recent movie), he's a pretty neat guy.  The Incredibles is one of my favorite non-princess films, just because it's really about family at its core.  Even superheroes can have problems in their normal family lives - and this family manages to learn how to work through them and appreciate each other all the more for it.  Can't wait to watch this with my kids.


I really kind of wanted to pick Flynn Rider.  He's a great character.  He turns from his thieving ways to marry the princess and live happily ever after.  (SPOILER----->)  The way he saves Rapunzel from her evil captive mother brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw this movie.  And his real-life name, Eugene Fitzherbert, is actually just as cute as his fake name.  But however much I want to choose him, I don't know that he's been around long enough to stand the test of time.  And I'm pretty sure I like him mostly because he looks like DimitriSpecifically, he has Dimitri hair.(If Anastasia were a Disney movie, all of my answers to these challenge questions could be summed up in that one film.)

So, ultimately?  My decision is Aladdin.  He's a charming young man - also a thief - who manages to mess up everything with his first two wishes from the genie, but is able to pull through the challenges, overcome his missteps, and trick his enemy into losing the big throw-down at the film's finale.  Somehow in the midst of all this, he proves to Jasmine that he's a diamond in the rough.  Plus, he can sing while big muscle-y guys throw swords at him.  That takes talent.

Who's your favorite hero?  Make sure you follow along on the Chameleon Girls Facebook page and the Disney 30 Day Challenge Pinterest Board for each day's challenge!  Plus, you can read all of my favorites here on the blog!


  1. I've never seen Aladin OR Anastasia, and I had no idea that the latter was not Disney!

    1. Are you serious?? I guess I get it; I didn't see Aladdin until I was like 19. But Anastasia is probably the best movie of all time (others may say that's my biased 13-year-old self speaking, but I digress). You should come over and watch it with me. :)


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