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Monday, April 8, 2013

Monthly Baby Growth Photo Idea - Use a Plush Toy!

When Lincoln was born, I knew that I wanted to go above and beyond in documenting his childhood.  Pinterest didn't exist back then, but I had seen photos posted by a cousin of mine on Facebook of her son with a teddy bear each month.  I told Andrew we should get a bear to use for photos of Lincoln every month, but he decided that our giant plush 1-Up would be a better choice!  You may have noticed this guy also pops up in Adelaide's monthly baby updates.  It only made sense to keep the tradition going with our second baby!

Every month, we managed to remember to snap a photo on the 19th.  And I am still in love with the photos we got as a result!  We ended up using these photos for the banner at Lincoln's 1-Up 1st Birthday Party, and I made a Shutterfly photo book with all of the pictures (plus bloopers) for our collection.

Monthly Baby Growth Photos - 1 Up, Nintendo, Super Mario Bros

Make sure to keep distractions low in a photo series like this one.  The consistency each month of the plain white onesie, plush toy, and same location make it easy to focus on how he changed from month to month!  I wasn't thinking about long-term when I took that first photo - with Addie, she wore a white onesie in the first picture as well!

Now that I look back, I can see just how quickly Lincoln's first year flew past us!  I'm so grateful to have these photos - not only are they adorable, but they showcase how his little personality developed that first year and of course, show just how much he grew!

What's your favorite idea for documenting all the changes in baby's first year?

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