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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Bo Peep, Her Wolf & a Sheep - Enchanted Forest 2009

Because directing a community theatre holiday production is just not enough, we decided to volunteer as actors in this year's Enchanted Forest.  The show is a fundraiser for a local children's theatre - definitely a worthy cause.

For the past couple of weekends, we have been hanging out in a (very cold) forest until all hours of the night.  The Enchanted Forest is fantastic - a collection of non-scary skits from characters you may recognize from popular fairy tales and nursery rhymes. 

Since Andrew and I wanted to be in a skit together, we were assigned the characters of Little Bo Peep and the Wolf!  Here's a little behind the scenes look at the process.

It's cold when you sit outside for several hours in a forest!  Many layers required.  Yes, including hair.  Excuse the red eyes.  I realized after editing that I failed to fix them...

All costumed and made up!  A little story about that hat - while it looks fantastic, it seriously was the worst thing to keep on my head.  I had to redo it about every ten minutes, which drove me crazy.

All set and ready to head out to the woods!

You'll find a wide variety of characters throughout the forest!  Anything from Peter Pan and some pirates... everyone's favorite Wizard of Oz friends!

But I'll admit, we're a little prejudiced.  The Bo Peep and Wolf characters, located here at the Wooluff Detective Agency, are the most entertaining stop on the tour through the forest!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

today is a Forks day.

I am SO excited about the weather today. You have NO idea! It's a gloomy, windy, rainy, beautiful glorious Forks day. Ah I love Forks days. :)

But it is especially appropriate, because today I am hosting the Twilight Ball at my library. There are 3 of these balls scheduled for MCPL - one in each county - and we were the lucky branch selected for Jackson county. I have had SO much fun with this. SO much fun. I have spent most of the past couple days stringing up lights to make a scene that looks like Edward and Bella's prom dance, and we covered a wall in black paper and are hanging posters and favorite quotes from the books all over the wall. Let's just suffice it to say that the children's area has had a significant makeover!! Personally I think it looks much better this way and I would prefer to leave the lights up all the time.

One of my coworkers brought in some speakers and a subwoofer, as we're playing the movie on our projector screen and the sound quality it has is pretty terrible. But now, with our speaker setup, we're going to have some pretty sweet awesome sound, and I think we all might just forget that we're in a library. It's a real shame we don't have a separate room for this occasion - I kind of feel badly for the normal library patrons who might be in tonight. But oh well.

So remember how I was supposed to have finished the honeymoon scrapbook by now?'s almost done. I have ONE page left. But I've been temporarily neglecting the project in favor of another. I'm making a sweater that looks like Bella's prom sweater. Pretty much that equals I bought a plain, boring white sweater...and am sewing on all kinds of appliques and beads and stuff and making it personalized! I doubt I'll ever wear it, aside from when I'm dressing up as Bella. But that's definitely not the point. Did I mention tonight is a costume party??

Photos coming soon... I promise!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

it's almost done!!


I'm pretty excited. I only have FIVE (count them - one, two, three, four, five!) pages left to create in my honeymoon album! This project has been so consuming of my free time for the past few months, I can hardly even imagine moving on to something else - but soon, I will be doing just that!! Come to my house and I will show you my beautiful glorious album. I am perhaps a little too proud of this book. But I just can't help it. ;)

Other news -
  • Planning a Twilight Ball at work. I am getting paid to make dozens of Team Edward / Team Jacob buttons, and for the actual ball, I get to dress like Bella, eat food, and watch the movie. It's gonna be fabulous.
  • Audition week is done. We're currently trying to find a Santa Claus for our production. Sadly, if we don't find one by next week, we're going to have to cancel the show. :( I'm messaging everyone I can think of.
  • AGDT is currently in the 5th week of practice. That means I have 3 weeks left. That means I seriously need to get some costume and prop work done. I have done practically nothing for these plays. Yikes.
  • People are starting to think I will never finish the AGDT Spring and Summer DVDs. Hey, I'm starting to think I'll never finish them!! I have a day off next Saturday when I will be home by myself all day. I'm thinking...I should probably have a video edit marathon.

That's about it. Hopefully next time I update...the honeymoon book will be done! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

life just never stops, does it?

I think last time I stopped by this blog I made myself a promise that I would update regularly. Well, so much for that.

We had the first night of auditions yesterday for The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, our newest BSCT adventure. Andrew is directing this one, and I am the AD. I'm still trying to figure out how to adjust back to the theatre lifestyle after having several months off. I'm not sure it's going to be a pleasant transition... Anyway, more auditions tonight and callbacks tomorrow. We're hoping for a lot of adults to show up tonight, as we only had about 3 yesterday - and we definitely need more than that!!

I have made a decision. It is a pretty sad decision, and one of which I am not truly proud. But it must be so. I am going to purchase our Christmas cards this year. I had already gotten the supplies to make a sample card, but I've had those for about 3 weeks and have yet to pick them up - so I'm thinking, now that my free time has gone from little to absolutely none, when in the world am I going to make 150+ Christmas cards? Yes, never.'s going to be Shutterfly cards this year. Oh well. I hope to return to making beautiful cards next year - and maybe everyone will understand. Still have to get that perfect Christmas card PHOTO, though. ;)

I currently have an awful paper cut on my middle left finger. I sliced it open on a p-slip at work yesterday. It hurts to touch things, wash my hands, etc. Not pleasant at all, but I (of course) failed to bring band-aids, so I'm suffering through until 5.

Old news now...but new to you! The honeymoon scrapbook has made much progress!! I believe I have 13 pages remaining until it is complete! This is so exciting for me - as I don't actually have a completed album in my possession, except for the basic 6x6 I made for Andrew the Christmas we got engaged. I cannot wait to have a finished, beautiful, wonderful album that I can hold anytime I want. So exciting!! :)

The Crop Club also went very, very well...I think that is going to be a fun little diversion from "real work" once a month. heehee.

And that is all I have time for. Sorry it may not be complete. Sorry it may not be logical. I must return to all those other things...!
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