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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

new york city...part 4 (finally)

Last day of adventure in the city! We started out bright and (somewhat) early on Monday morning.

Edison Hotel Lobby.

We traveled south on the subway to take a peek at the Flatiron Building.

It was neat! Wish it were open for tours or something.

Look what they have in the city - Home Depot! Craziness.

The Arch in Washington Square Park.

Loving all the architecture we saw!

Jefferson Market Branch of the NY Public Library. The building used to be a courthouse in the late 1800's/early 1900's. It was really neat.

But it's still just a normal library, with self-service holds pickup and even an upside-down S on their sign. :)

I love vacation. There's time to smell the flowers. :)

Riding the Miss Liberty ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty!

Lower Manhattan skyline.

Loving every minute!

Lady Liberty. I took about 60 photos of you just one.

After an arduous climb, we reached the top of the crown! It was a neat experience.

The view looking down the inside of the statue, from the crown.

We walked around the pedestal. It was really windy.

Souvenir coin! I love collecting pressed coins.

Eating hot dogs on the ferry ride back.

Scary storm that attacked us on the way back!

Classic plane ride home photo...after a stressful time of getting back to the hotel (had to run through Times Square), catching our shuttle, and waiting for several hours at the airport.

Goodbye, pretty city. I'm sure we'll meet again someday.

And this, friends, is why I fly Midwest Airlines. Chocolate chip cookies...baked in-flight. Excellent.

Whew. That's it! It was a fantastic trip. After looking at all these photos again, I'm wishing I had time to make this scrapbook! I'm afraid it may be awhile before that happens, though...

Thanks for traveling along with me! New adventures are hopefully coming soon. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Books and Movies and.... Tigers? Oh my.

The library is the place to be during the Summer Reading Program every year. For real. I mean, in addition to getting free books just for reading (which hopefully kids are doing anyway), we have all these awesome programs that enable kids to do things and witness sights that they might not have a chance to do or see often.

Today's example? The Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge paid a visit to us at CR. They brought two tigers - Mack and BB King. They're 2 years old and about 7 feet tall when standing on their back legs).

We had over 300 people in the library today, for the express purpose of visiting the "Big Cats."


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

fun weekend.

I love holiday weekends. Really.

We actually worked on Saturday, so it was a split weekend. Having Friday off was super nice, though. Andrew took me to the Plaza for a sweet little date. The rest of the weekend was spent doing projects at home. I crossed about eight things off my to-do list. Excellent.

I'm taking a photography class, so while we were out on the town, I was taking some photos shot entirely in Manual, for this week's assignment. They aren't perfect, but I'm pretty proud of them anyway. :)

This is "our" fountain. On our very first date, we took a photo here. :)

If only every day could be a weekend day....

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