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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Fail, or The Year Daddy Had Strep

I did not crop this photo so you could be astonished at the mess.

We had big plans for Easter.  We were planning to go to church.  We were planning to attend two family parties.  Everyone - all four of us - had new clothes.  I even made Addie a headband specifically to match her Easter dress!

None of it happened.

Because Daddy came down with strep throat.

We spent the day with Daddy on one floor of the house, feeling miserable - and Mommy pulling out her hair on the other floor because the kids were bored and tired and wanted to see Daddy.  There was a lot of TV.  A quick visit from grandparents with some food and Easter eggs.  And less sleeping than normal for me since Andrew was holed up in the basement around the clock and the kids were up about 352,294,039 times in the night.  Okay, it was actually like 4.

So far, the rest of us seem healthy so we're hoping all effort to stay away from the germs plus the immunities from nursing are working.  Daddy's been fever-free for almost a day and the antibiotic should be kicking in to make him feel better soon.  We're planning an Easter re-do next Sunday.  Hopefully I'll have cute photos to share then!

I'm linking up with Growing Up Geeky today for Toddle Along Tuesday!  I hope your Easter was better than ours!


  1. That's ok. We spent it in the emergency room at Shawnee Mission Hospital. (Did make it to church, though!)


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