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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our 2013 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Picks

I've collected Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments since I was a teenager. I would obsess over the Dream Book for hours, circling all the beautiful creations I believed I needed. Some of them, I purchased myself and some were gifts from my grandparents. Regardless of how I obtained them, my collection is a little bit ridiculous at this point. It's heavy on the Gone With The Wind, Superhero, Disney Princess, and Lord of the Rings - emphasizing the trends of my teenage obsessions.

To this day, when I look through each year's new Dream Book, I think to myself.... I want them ALL. This, however, is completely unrealistic as we already can only fit about half of our Christmas decorations on our tree. Plus Andrew thinks my level of "collecting" is extreme.

I do love the tradition of adding new things to the tree every year, though, so we reached a compromise. Every Christmas, we will purchase one ornament for our family and one for each of the kids. The family ornament will stay on our tree, but the kids will get to take their collection when they are grown and are starting their own families and traditions. This year, we picked out two family ornaments, but I felt my excuse was valid. So, here are the ornaments we chose!

Family Ornament 1 - Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim. We love Mickey's Christmas Carol, and this is the final ornament in a series of five featuring characters from the film. We are actually missing two in the series, but one is on the way to me (thanks, eBay) and the other I'm hoping to buy in the off-season. Since we already had part of the series, this one was a given.

Family Ornament 2 - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This one seemed an easy choice, since much of our tv-watching this year revolved around Mickey and his meeska-mooska-friends. Even though sometimes I think they're crazy, we still love the mouse. This was the first year we took the kids to Disney on Ice. And let's not forget about that Mickey Mouse birthday bash we threw earlier this year!

Lincoln's Ornament - Wicket & Teebo. What are the odds that the year we choose a Star Wars family costume theme for Halloween, one of the characters is represented in ornament form? Okay, it's Star Wars - so actually the chances were good, but we couldn't resist. Lincoln remains the cutest Ewok I've ever seen, but these guys are fun, too.

Addie's Ornament -
Cinderelly! Cinderelly! We couldn't decide for the longest time what to choose for Addie, but then Andrew realized this was perfect since she is obsessed with a little board book version of Cinderella in our our book collection. This ornament sings and was apparently really popular - I checked about seven stores before finally finding one that had it in stock!

Next year, I am sure that Lincoln will have a whole lot more input on which ornament he wants to have. Maybe we'll turn it into a family shopping trip at the beginning of the holiday season. This year, their ornaments will be hiding in their stockings.

What's your family's favorite holiday tradition?

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