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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

An Ewok, A Yoda, and a Princess. {Halloween 2013}

Update: We did a photo shoot the weekends after Halloween and you can find more Star Wars family costume inspiration in that post.

Every year, I say I'm not going to procrastinate when it comes to Halloween.

And every year, I fail. This is what I was doing at 11:30pm on October 30:

You'd think I would have learned my lesson last year, when I was crafting costume pieces for Lincoln (while incredibly pregnant) at 1:30 in the morning. But no, somehow I still found myself in this stressed-out state, freaking out because I knew I could never get it all done.

My mom made my costume and spent most of the day with us while I worked on Lincoln's. And even though I had to teach a drama class in the afternoon, the little Ewok costume was done!

As you can surmise, the plan was to have a family costume theme. While I miraculously managed to get my little Ewok's costume all finished, our Han Solo was not so lucky. His pants are lying in a heap with some gold ribbon strips waiting to be sewn on. There's a shirt I was planning to dye. There's a vest for which I never bought fabric. And we won't even talk about boots and blasters and holsters. Instead, my dear hubby ran to Target on his lunch break on Halloween and bought a Star Wars t-shirt, which he proudly wore alongside us. I felt super guilty, but I don't think he was too crushed.

I never really celebrated Halloween as a kid, but my brother and I usually did put on some sort of costume and visit our grandparents. While I don't think we'll ever be big proponents of the holiday, I can't say that I don't adore the opportunity to dress up and parade about as if it's perfectly normal.

Our Star Wars theme turned out so cute. I can't think of a reason not to have a Princess Leia dress (and hair) on hand, and the kids looked ridiculously adorable as Wicket, the Ewok and Yoda. Am I a bad mother for dressing my baby girl in something not overly girly? I think not. It's precious, and I'm guessing I have many years of princess-themed Halloweens ahead of me. I didn't know if we could top the cuteness of our Scooby-Doo costumes or Super Mario Bros costumes - but I think we came pretty close!

We had a really fun family evening. Lincoln had to be coaxed into his costume, but once he was in it, he loved it. He kept saying "Mommy Princess! Inky Bear!" We loaded the kids in the van and headed to Andrew's parent's house to say hello.

We walked up and down the street to visit a few houses and ask for candy. He got the "Trick or Treat" phrase down pretty well - although he did try to run into the first house we visited! He carried his personalized Halloween treat bag for a little while, but ended up needing some help to get the candy into it.

Next, we headed to visit my parents at their church Trunk or Treat. My grandparents were there as well, so we stayed to show off the kids for a little while. Even though it was close to bedtime, the little Ewok and Yoda were still in reasonable spirits, so we decided to take advantage of the Kids-in-Costume-Eat-Free at McAlister's Deli deal.

It was around 8pm, and there were hardly any people in the restaurant. That suited us just fine. We got lots of smiles from the staff and Lincoln was excited that he got to pick out a table for us. After some macaroni and cheese, sweet tea, and teddy grahams, we were all stuffed and ready to head home to call it a night.

We let Lincoln have a few pieces of his hard-earned candy before we got home. That came back to bite us all when he was sick at 2:30am (but that's another story). Our Halloween adventure was just perfect for our family.

And next year? I will not procrastinate our costumes. I WILL NOT. 

(I assume you're all laughing at me?)


  1. I love the picture where you are with Lincoln and Addie is standing in the background with her little robe on! It is hilarious!
    And how did you get your hair that way? Even the hair lady is baffled. ;)


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