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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What's On Your... {December 2013}

The last time I wrote a post like this was in July! I can't believe we are less than three weeks from 2014. That's just....crazy!

What was on my kitchen floor while I was trying to multitask last week!

Vanity | I don't have a "real" vanity, but my poor, poor dresser has been in pretty much the same state since April. Even though my ears are pierced, my holes seem to have closed up in the last few months (?!) so I am planning to go through all my jewelry and make a box of things I really like and may want to use should I ever decide to have them re-pierced. I'm also going to make a small collection of earrings from my era of hoops and dangly and random - to keep in case Addie wants them someday.

Perennial To Do List | I still have a huge backlog of video editing projects. I'm getting closer to the opening of the Etsy shop, however! My goal is to have the shop open before the end of the year.

Refrigerator Shelves | Organic Lemonade. Butter for making sugar cookies. Kale. Broccoli that has certainly gone bad by now. Cheese cubes leftover from Addie's birthday party (they're certainly bad, too). Lots of probiotics. Half a bottle of pumped milk.

Itinerary | Nothing. But we're thinking about getting a 2014 season pass to Silver Dollar City after our fun at the Old Time Festival.

Fantasy Itinerary | Disney World! And Europe, but when the kids are much older than toddlers.

Playlist | Frozen Soundtrack (loved the movie). Mindy Gledhill: A Pocketful of Poetry. Wee Sing for Christmas and other random Christmas-inspired playlists.

Nightstand | A cloth diaper insert, half a bottle of water, tropical lip balm from Gap, a lot of dust, and a random old Christian fiction book that I enjoyed when I was 15 and tried to read last year. I honestly can't remember the title!

Workout Plan | I would like to go running! Unfortunately that does not seem to be a possibility these days, since a certain miss does not sleep unless I am with her. That leaves very little time for anything, and exercise is not at the top of the list.

Phone | Voicemails from AT&T because our Internet was out last week, Instagram (my favorite), Momento (wonderful for keeping track of little moments with the kids), Kidoodle.TV app (for an upcoming post - watch for that).

Top 5 List | Christmas morning. Addie saying "Pooh" and animal sounds (owl, lion, dog, monkey). Lincoln saying "Love 'oo, mommy" before bed each night. Planning birthday parties. Wrapping gifts and curling ribbon!

Bucket List | I'm actually writing a 30 Before 30 bucket list that I hope to share soon.

Mind | A little bit of exhaustion. Financial stress.

BlogrollMom-a-Logues Reviews + Giveaways (she gives away the CUTEST things). Momma in Flip Flops. The Pierogie Mama. Mommy Panda.

Walls of Your Favorite Room in Your House | Hm. This is tough. I don't love any of my walls right now. We do have new paint in the master bath, which is nice.

Last Credit Card Statement | More than perhaps necessary? Lots of food. Some Christmas gifts. Craft supplies.

Screensaver | A really sweet photo of Addie walking at Silver Dollar City, wearing her sock monkey hat and grinning. It's my favorite.

TV Every Night | The Good Wife. Currently season 2.

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