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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Tradition: Gift-Wrapped Book Advent

It's a lot of fun to start Christmas traditions with a young family - but it is also a lot of work. Last year, after finding the idea on Pinterest, we attempted to do a 25-Days-of-Christma gift-wrapped book advent. It's a beautifully simple concept: find 25 Christmas books, wrap them individually, and let your kids open one every day until Christmas.

Well, last year, our attempt at this tradition was mostly a fail. We didn't get the books wrapped in time, and we forgot multiple times to open a book. Overall, not our best work. But I was determined to try again this year!

I feel like this idea is really popular now - I have seen it on lots of blogs and in the statuses of Facebook friends and all over Instagram. I like to think I knew about it before it was the "in" thing to do.

We are about a week away from Christmas now, and I am happy to say that we have been far more successful this time around! We were still a couple of days late getting the books wrapped, but once we got the nightly routine started, we have only missed (I think) one day. It probably helps that Lincoln bellows "OPEN A PRESENT!" almost as soon as Andrew walks in the door at night!

Both of the kids are loving books right now, which makes my heart so happy. They have been happy to curl up with either myself or Daddy each night to read the new story. And during the day, we're having a blast with the growing stash of Christmas-related books!

We added a little to the tradition by wrapping several holiday-themed DVDs, as well. While we numbered our book packages, we left the DVDs unmarked so that we can use them as we see fit. A few days ago, Lincoln was granted permission to open a "special" present when Mommy and Daddy had to bring in a huge load of groceries and subsequently make dinner. It worked wonders.

I look forward to finishing up this advent and seeing the look on Lincoln's face when he opens something other than a book on Christmas morning! He's going to freak out! Being a mom is amazing at Christmastime.

What's your family's favorite tradition?

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