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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's On Your... {April 2013}

I found this lovely list of questions on two of my favorite memory-keeping/scrapbooking blogs this week - Ali Edwards and Stephanie Howell - and was inspired.  My quest in memory-keeping for our family is to remember little things, just like these.  I don't know if I'll remember, but I hope to repeat this post every few months...or at least a couple times a year.  I know I'll enjoy looking back at these little moments!

Photo originally shared on Instagram

Vanity | I don't have a "real" vanity, but my dresser is a disaster of jewelry (like my Chewbeads), tights, and lip gloss that all needs to be sorted and given a new place.  I'm very much at a place of re-organization right now.  There are also a handful of things up there so that they are out of Lincoln's reach (batteries, small pieces, etc)

Perennial To Do List | Edit videos (I'm years behind).  Plant a garden.  Get the piano tuned.  Catch up on Project Life.  Get items ready for upcoming consignment sale.  Open Etsy shop.  Plan drama classes.  I could go on.

Refrigerator Shelves | Leftover fried red potatoes.  Cheese and yogurt for the toddler.  Lemon, lime, orange, and strawberries for water infusing experiments.  Panera Asian salad dressing. 

Itinerary | Nothing, unfortunately.  We're toying with the idea of a trip to the Omaha Zoo, but have some other pressing house issues that need to take financial precedence. :/

Fantasy Itinerary | Disney World.  DisneyLand.  Disney Cruise. Do you see a theme?  I'd settle for Silver Dollar City or would love to go up to New England to visit my brother. 

Playlist | Consistently listening to Disney inspired radio on Spotify for weeks now.  I blame the 30-Day Challenge.  Occasionally, Lenka or Mindy Gledhill is my choice (usually after the kids are asleep and I'm trying to seriously work).  Andrew's been on an Irish Tenors kick. 

Nightstand | A couple of diapers, box of wipes, 6 Hot Wheels cars, a book about ladybugs, a bulb syringe, a NoseFrida, a washcloth and a bottle of water.

Workout Plan | Teach children to sleep.  Then workout.  Actually, I plan to start attending a free stroller fitness class next week.  I've gone in the past and it usually about kills me.  Haven't worked out since I was about 14 weeks pregnant with Addie, so...we'll see how it goes.

Phone | Instagram, Pinterest, texts from Andrew, Mom, Dad, Andy, and Laura.

Top 5 List | Loving my babies.  New York City.  Creating.  Watching movies and TV shows with Andrew (rare these days).  Capturing life - with photography, scrapbooking, blogging - whatever I can fit in.

Bucket List | Musical theatre (need to play a Sutton Foster character before I'm too old).  Europe.  More babies - and maybe adoption.  Disney with the kids. Write a book.

Mind | Responsibility of raising these kids. Finding time to craft.  Trying not to stress out when things don't go as planned.  Lack of sleep.  Money. 

Blogroll | Growing Up GeekyCapturing Joy with Kristen DukeStephanie HowellSimple As ThatMoments That Take My Breath AwayA Beautiful RuckusChocolate-Covered KatieBirth Without Fear.

Walls of Your Favorite Room in Your House | Nintendo World mural in the nursery.  The castle  is my favorite part.

Last Credit Card Statement | More than I would like.  Groceries, eating out, Shutterfly, Target, craft supplies.

Screensaver | Alternating first baby photos from Lincoln's birth and Adelaide's birth.

TV Every Night | Andrew and I have been trying to watch The Hobbit for over a week now.  The bedtime ritual is making this somewhat impossible to accomplish.  Once that's done, we'll be back to reruns of Parks & Recreation or How I Met Your Mother.

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