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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Adelaide: 5 Months Old

I've made a decision, Princess Addie Rose.  Time is going way too fast.  You are not allowed to grow up so soon.  It is completely impossible that you are already five months old!

Milestones: I have noticed so many changes this past month, baby girl!  You are consistently rolling from back to tummy, almost every time I set you down.  A month ago, you couldn't get your hands under you, but now you can - and you try to push yourself up to look around!  You're moving around a lot more in general and I can tell that we're not terribly far away from mobility. Yikes.  You started playing in the exercsaucer this month and you really have enjoyed that.  You are now (mostly) sleeping in the Pack 'n Play in the office, right across the hall from Mommy and Daddy.  I hadn't really planned to move you - but Lincoln ends up sleeping in our room by 2 or 3am usually - and he woke you up so many times that I had to do something.  You typically end up in bed with Mommy as well, by 5 or 6am.  You've been waking up anywhere from one to three times a night for the last few weeks.  I could use a bit more sleep!  You've also started to look longingly at whatever food we are eating, but you have at least another month before we start any type of solid foods!

You're not sitting up by yourself, but the photo above makes it look like it could be very soon!

Loves:  Right now, your favorite things are playing in the exersaucer, watching Lincoln run around, and your Piglet rattle, plush mouse, and a host of other little soft toys.  You love to be "carried" around the house by Lincoln (with Mommy's help) - both of you just giggle hysterically the whole time.  You want to be involved in whatever is going on and seem to be fond of skipping naps altogether if it means you can watch Lincoln play longer.  You love nursing, snuggles, and can often be found chatting up a storm.

Hates:  Sleep is really our biggest struggle right now.  I know you are interested in the world, but you've got to figure out that sleep is important and will make you (and Mommy) happier!  You are exhausted by 7:30 or 8pm but usually want to nurse until 9:30 or later.  When you are finally asleep, you don't want to burp - so I lay you down and you wake up crying anywhere from ten minutes to an hour later.  The only thing that comforts you is to nurse again, but you again won't burp and we repeat this awful cycle over and over.  I'm ready for this stage to end.

You've also been a little bit grumpy when it comes to other people the last few weeks.  I think we may be dealing with a little bit of separation anxiety.  It's very, very rare that you are without me, though - since you won't take a bottle.

Weight/Height:  You are wearing 6-9 month clothes - and even a few 9-12 month outfits!  You're still wearing size 3 diapers.  I think you are around 17 pounds and are still extremely chubby.  You are starting to sprout a few more hairs atop your pretty little head - but we have a ways to go before pigtails!

You just keep on sparkling, baby princess!  We love you so!

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