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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Disney Challenge Day 4: Favorite Animal

It's Day 4 of the Disney Favorites Challenge!  Today's topic?  Favorite animal.


This is hard because there are so many cute, cuddly, and memorable animal characters in the Disney universe.  But ultimately?  I think my vote goes to "Miss Lady, ma'am" - as we call her around here.  Lincoln loves this movie about the "doggies" and cracks up when ol' Trusty bays for his friend Lady.  I cry whenever I watch this movie, because as an adult with children of my own, there is an emotional element when Jim Dear and Darling welcome their sweet new baby boy into their family.

I do have a couple of honorable mentions in this category too! 


She's not very well-known, but I love little miss Olivia Flaversham, from The Great Mouse Detective.  It's actually been years since I've seen this movie - but just look at her.  How cute is she?


And the Finding Nemo seagulls.  When we visited Disney, I stood outside the Nemo attraction for ten minutes just to laugh as the animatronic gulls called out "mine! mine! mine!" over and over.  Hilarious.

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