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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Guest Post by my Hubby: Daddy Confessions

When I saw that this week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic was "Daddy Confessions," I really didn't think I would have a post to link up.  I enjoyed writing about my Mommy Confessions last year, but I didn't think Andrew would actually want to participate in this idea.  He proved me wrong, though - after I mentioned the idea to him, he surprised me by compiling this post!  Enjoy. 

Our most recent date night consisted of
buying groceries, replacing a phone
charger that Lincoln destroyed, and
getting the van washed. Exciting, right?
Daddy Confessions

-Having strep throat was probably the most relaxing weekend I've had in ages.

-Sometimes when I don't like the book Lincoln chooses, I only read one sentence on each page so we'll be done faster.

-Sometimes my favorite day of the week is Monday... so I can go back to work.

-Sometimes I hope the baby will cry so Julie will hold her.

-It doesn't matter how many times I'm asked, the hair bows look fine. It doesn't matter which one the baby wears.

-I like to grocery shop by myself so Julie won't know when I buy a donut or cherry pie.

-Dresses for babies are pointless. They're just clothes that are harder to wear. No one likes them. Good day, sir.

-I keep a private bank account so that I can eat fast food without getting in trouble.

-I'd rather be playing Temple Run 2... It's unfortunate how often this is true.

-Julie may disown me, but... the hottest Disney princess isn't Belle. It's Ariel.

I just want to add: donuts and cherry pies are pretty much the unhealthiest things on earth. ;)

I'm linking up with Growing Up Geeky today for Toddle Along Tuesday!  Hop over to check out more parenting confessions from a dad's point of view!


  1. These are so awesome!! I have also done the read only one sentence thing, and every now and then I make secret grocery store purchases, too ;)

    1. My secret purchase vice is chocolate. Kit-Kat, M&Ms, 100 Grand - who has to know, right? ;)

  2. Hilarious! I think my husband would agree with the comment about the bows and dresses!

    1. I plan to continue asking his opinion about them anyway - ha!

  3. Your dates sound like ours. (Only substitute the kid with a cat.)

    Also, I'm surprised that Andrew actually confessed to all these things. Now you know. Busted.

    1. I actually already knew about most of them. He'd have more success at buying donuts without my knowledge if he would properly hide the receipts. ;)

  4. Nice to meet you Andrew! My hubby likes to "sneak" junk food too.

    He does read all of the story at bed time, though since V is 5 now and is starting to read herself, I think she would notice.

    We also can no longer S P E L L out secret words!


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