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Friday, April 12, 2013

Disney Challenge Days 11 & 12: Which Movies Make Me Laugh & Cry

Whoops.  If you're following along, you may have noticed I missed a day.  At least it was only one day, right? 

Day 11: Which Movie Makes You Laugh?

For this spot, I'm choosing the classic movie The Parent Trap.  Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills plus all sorts of hysterics - it's been a favorite since I was a little girl.  I'm especially fond of the dance scene while the girls are at summer camp - and the camping scene near the end.  Anyone ever tried to scare bears away with a couple of sticks?  Also - it's a wonder that Vicky didn't get eaten.  What bear is content to lick honey off someone's foot when they could just go ahead and munch on the person? Right?

Day 12: Which Movie Makes You Cry?


 There was no contest on this one.  I've only seen Up once.  And I don't know if I will ever bring myself to watch it again.  Yeah, I get that the epic sad part is only the first ten minutes or so of the film.  But from what I remember, my movie-watching experience went like this:

Put in DVD. Ooh! New Disney/Pixar movie! It's gonna be great!
5 Minutes In. Oh boy. This seems like it's going to get really sad.
10 Minutes In. Silent, hysterical weeping.
15 Minutes In. Too sad to care about the rest of film.
35 Minutes In. Maybe I'll get over it. Maybe I'll enjoy the rest.
36 Minutes In. Insert reminder of beginning of movie. Cue more hysterical crying.

And so on...and so on.  It seemed like every time I thought I might not be sad anymore, they dredged the story back up and all I could do was cry.  I know it's a sweet redemptive story, but there's something about it that I just can't handle.

My second choice would be Toy Story 3, which I do not recommend watching while pregnant, or if you have/had special toys in your/your child's life.  I seriously cannot get rid of toys at all, and I blame the Toy Story series.

I also cry during just about all of the princess movies.  Maybe I'm emotional or something?

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