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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Relaxing Lavender Bath Bombs DIY + Printable

Being a mom is tough. Having kiddos who are rambunctious and energetic even when it's three hours past bedtime is tough. Finding a way to relax everyone when it's time for bed is an absolute necessity.

I recently made up a batch of these Relaxing Lavender Bath Bombs to share with some friends, but ended up keeping a lot of them for myself! I have loved using Epsom salts for bathtime for years - they're awesome for relieving tension and inflammation. I've started trying to add in essential oils for even more benefits.

These bath bombs are super easy to make - they're great for a make and take girls night, Christmas gifts, party favors...whatever you want!

Relaxing Lavender Bath Bombs
Supplies Needed: 
-2 1/2 cups Epsom salts
-12-20 drops Lavender Young Living Essential Oil
-2 tbsp Water
-1 splash Vanilla (yes, a splash! Probably about 1/2 teaspoon, but the amount isn't critical)
-Muffin Pan (I used a mini pan to make these, but you could easily make them in a regular size tin, too)
-Mixing Bowl & Spoon

-Relaxing Lavender Bath Bombs Printable
-Mini Clear Treat Bags (I found mine at Walmart)

How to make them: 

1. Combine Epsom salts, water, vanilla, and essential oils in bowl. Mix well. I made multiple batches and used different amounts of oils each time. When I used about 20 drops, the lavender smell was much stronger. It just depends on how strong you want them to smell!

2. Scoop the mixture directly into the muffin pan. Press firmly down into each muffin cup. Let the muffin pan sit while the bath bombs dry. I advise letting them sit overnight - for a minimum of at least 12-24 hours. I set mine out in the sun one afternoon when I needed them to be ready sooner and that took a couple of hours off the drying time. You want to wait until they're totally dry to remove them from the tin or they will fall to pieces!

3. Once they are dry, carefully flip the tin and gently tap on the cups to release the bath bombs.

4. Optional - if you're packaging these for gifts, add one to each clear treat bag. Print the Relaxing Lavender Bath Bomb tags, cut them out, fold, and staple on each bag.

There's no reason to stick with just lavender... You can add any essential oil that you might want to support your specific wellness need! I've used Stress Away, Endoflex, Thieves, and many others in the past! What oil would you like to try?

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