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Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm Kind Of Over It

*steps up to the microphone* Is this thing on? 

Newsflash. If your kids ever come up to you and say "mom...I think when I'm grown up, I want to be a multi-tasker!" take the opportunity to sit them down and warn them about exhaustion. Chances are, they won't listen, because they'll be too busy planning their next adventure. But that's beside the point. Make them take a nap while they still can.

I don't even know where the last five days (or two weeks? Was Christmas almost two weeks ago?) have gone. I have been up to my eyeballs in Etsy listings and Twitter parties and planning spring drama classes and wiping snot off of little faces and asking my mom to babysit and staying up until 2am to use Shutterfly rewards that I forgot about until the last.possible.second. Suffice it to say: it's been crazy, and I'm over it.

Right now, being over it only means that I might (maybe) give up and go to bed before midnight one night this week. Or I might just watch a movie with the kids tomorrow, instead of frantically working while they are being mindlessly entertained. Or, imagine this, I might ask my mom to babysit just so I can take a nap. I'm pretty sure I'm functioning on like 20% brain capacity right now and that's more than a little frightening.

Also, I hate whiny blog posts where bloggers sob about "me me me" and "I I I" - which is exactly what I'm doing, so let's just cut it out right now. Everyone has better things to do than read nonsense from me. I have real, actual, engaging content in the works for you. I had planned to write a Christmas recap and figure out what my word for 2015 will be and write a post on that, and oh yeah...I still haven't blogged Addie's birthday party that was two months ago. So, I'm going to give myself some grace, admit that it's okay that this is the first time I've accessed the back end of my blog in over a week and take a few days to get some more loose ends tied up before I come crashing back here. You guys will still be here waiting for me...even if it's another week, right?

So, let's make this NOT about me. What's going on in your life? How's 2015 treating you so far?

PS: Trader Joe's brownie mix is THE BOMB OF AWESOMESAUCE. Even when you're not supposed to be eating sugar OR grains because you're trying to cure tooth decay. No excuse. No regret (at least not much). Pass the brownies.

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