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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Easy DIY Tissue Paper Flower Poof Decorations

It's now been over two months since my daughter's second birthday party and I'm just now starting to share some details from her special day. Typical mommy blogger - am I right?

For Addie's Tea for 2 with Winnie the Pooh party, I knew I wanted some girly decor to give a slightly fancy tea party atmosphere. I've been making these tissue paper flower poofs for years and they seemed like the perfect touch. The best part is that they are cheap and easy decorations!

Here's how to make them yourself!

Supplies Needed
-Tissue Paper in your chosen color scheme
-Ribbon, Fishing Line, or something else to hang them from
-Tape (optional)

Note: this is a photo-heavy post - sometimes crafts are more easily explained when they're SEEN, not just written out!

To start, decide how big you want your flower poofs to be. I like to do a variety of sizes. The white flower used in this example used half sheets of tissue paper and came out at about 6-7" wide.

1. Make a stack of tissue paper sheets. The more you have, the fuller your flower will be - though if you have too many, it will be impossible to separate the flower layers. I like to use 8-10 sheets. You can use full sheets for large flowers or cut all of your layers into a smaller square for a smaller flower.

2. Accordion Fold the Tissue Paper. Fold a strip of the sheet (about 3/4" - 1") and flatten the edge. Flip the paper over and fold in the other direction. Continue this pattern until you have folded the whole stack into one sheet. Photos below will help explain.

3. Once all layers are folded, you will have one long strip. Smooth out these layers and make it somewhat flat.

4. Fold in half, to find the center. You want to make sure your flower is even, so finding the center of the strip is best. Use your ribbon, string, or other tying supply to tie a knot around the center folded line. 

5. (optional) I like to secure a little part of the ribbon with tape here - just so that it doesn't slide around

6. Add a length of string around your centered ribbon. This will be how you hang the flower, so make sure it's long enough!

7. Using scissors, cut off the ends of the layers of your paper. You can experiment with this - I've seen pointy edges, wavy, and more. I like doing basic rounded edges as they give a nice soft look.

8. Fan out the layers on one side of your center.

9. Separate the tissue paper layers. This is perhaps the hardest step - you have to peel the layers back carefully and slowly or they may rip. 

Keep peeling back the layers until they are all unfolded, then carefully shape them so that there are no gaps or uneven spaces.

Next, do the same for the other side. Once your flower is all unfolded, you're basically done - just continue to shape it until it looks perfect.

10. Find the string or ribbon that you threaded through the center earlier, tie a knot and hang!

That's it! Super easy, right? And so adorable. These work great as a decoration for a tea party, birthday bash, or even a baby nursery. 

How will you decorate your life with these pretty flower puffs?


  1. So wish I'd seen this before the birthday party we had for both my daughters a couple of weeks ago. Can't wait to try it out! A year or so ago, I saw a tutorial for something similar (or maybe the same) but I think it involved stapling vs tape in the center, and it just never worked out for me.

    1. Yeah, it would be tough to get a stapler in the center!

  2. What a great Idea. You made them look so easy. My Fav part is how frugal minded this craft is. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you, thank you for such a detailed tutorial with pictures! I can't wait to make these for the first birthday :) I didn't realize they were that simple! --Camille


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