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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party Toddler-Friendly Food Ideas

Planning a Mickey or Minnie Mouse party? Make sure you check out my Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Banner Tutorial, Easy DIY Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Invitation Tutorial, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Free Printable Sign Decorations, and Easy DIY Mickey Mouse Treat Bag Tutorial! This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting my blog and my family! 

My little man turned two just a couple of weeks ago.  Since he loves Mickey Mouse, it seemed only natural to choose everyone's favorite mouse as our birthday party theme.  I posted a free printable template for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party Invitations - and now that the party is done, I have several new, fun posts to share with you!  Today I'm talking about toddler-friendly Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party food ideas!

I had big dreams of making a cake like this one that I found on Pinterest, but finally came to the realization that it was impossible while also taking care of two kids and trying not to spend a fortune on the party. 

Instead, since I was "being sensible," I took on far more projects than I intended and stayed  up far too late multiple nights in a row (and forced my poor husband to help).  Not really a good plan - I keep hoping I'll remember how stressed out I get when it comes to last-minute party planning.  Next year, Andrew may not let me do anything more than cake!

Instead of a cake, I opted to make cupcakes because they would be much easier.  My mom actually found a Wilton Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cupcake Set at a local thrift store for $5!  It contained a lot of items, like this cupcake stand.  I was excited about that (so was Lincoln - when he saw it all set up, he declared "howwwwwwse!" over and over until we let him touch it).

The cupcakes were inspired by Disney in the Desert and Disney Family.  I made both chocolate and vanilla cake and used Oreos to top the Mickey-theme cupcakes.  I also made some normal Wilton buttercream frosting to top the rest of the cakes - in case we had guests who preferred something other than Oreos.  The Mickey cupcake toppers were part of the Wilton Clubhouse kit.

Since I'm dairy-free right now, Oreos are one of the very, very few snack items I can consume.  I absolutely could not resist making some Oreo pops (even though I actually couldn't eat them because the candy coating contains milk).  I am so thrilled with how cute they turned out!  I combined a few different ideas, which I found at Sew Divertimento, The Idea Room, and Ms. Fox's Sweets.  If I had not been crafting these at 1am the morning of the party, I likely would have tried different designs.  Example - isn't the one Minnie Mouse cute?!

Just about anything can be turned into a Mickey-themed food if you have the right tool!  If I had been really motivated, I would have made some dairy-free Rice Krispie treats so that I could eat them as well - but these were just the normal variety.  The large Mickey Mouse cookie cutter was purchased on our trip to Disney World in 2010 but thankfully you don't have to go to Disney to get one - you can find it here. The small one I found for an absolute steal (less than $1 at the time I purchased)!  It was so fun to make Mickey-shaped food!

When we made a wedding registry back in 2008, Target was stocking a fabulous set of Mickey Mouse tableware.  We registered for some bowls and appetizer plates and received them - but have never used them until now.  I was so excited when I remembered that we had them the week before the party!

The cheese was easy to cut into a Mickey Mouse shape - but we found that we could only get a few Mickey heads from each slice, and ended up with a whole bunch of random shaped pieces.  Solution: we ended up putting cubes of cheese in the bottom of the bowls and just layering Mickey heads on top.  It worked out really well!

We received multiple compliments on the punch - it's called Luscious Slush Punch and is our go-to recipe for any birthday party, baby shower, or other punch-worthy event.   It does have to be frozen overnight - something to keep in mind if you choose to try it out.


Just adding "Mouseke-" to everything gives the party some Mickey flair!

The birthday boy wasn't really old enough to appreciate all of the time that was spent creating this food, but he was pretty excited to see it all.  He really doesn't have much sugar in his diet - so he was also pretty excited when we gave him his very own cupcake and Oreo pop to gnaw on.

The Oreos were the biggest success.  Why?  Because, as he calls them, they are "TIRES!!!!"

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Our Mickey Mouse party was a blast - and everyone seemed to really enjoy the Mouseke-snacks! 

Planning a party for a Minnie Mouse fan? I have a couple of Minnie inspired headbands available in my Etsy shop!

Pink Minnie Headband

Red Minnie Headband

Happy party planning!


  1. Your party looks fabulous! I love all the Mickey shaped food! Especially the Oreos...I think that would be a good "just because" snack for my kids.

    Unfortunately, before I discovered Pinterest my idea of a themed party was themed plates and a cake, so Peter's Mickey party wasn't nearly as adorable looking as Lincoln's. I need to revisit this theme with one of my other children...

    Also, I make that exact punch recipe for parties! Did I get the recipe from you maybe?

    1. I didn't know Peter had a Mickey party! Or, more likely, I did know and totally forgot. You could do a Minnie party. That way it's not the same as what Peter already had, but you still get to use the ideas. :)

      We have been making Slush Punch here for years - so maybe! It is so delicious!!!

  2. where do you find the mickey mouse Font that your used on the print out labels

    1. Hey Jessica - the info on where to download the font is in this post:

  3. Same to you! Hope your #DisneySide party is a blast!

  4. Where did you find the cookie cutters for the cheese? We're throwing my daughter a Minnie party and I've been looking for a cookie cutter.

    1. Hi Ashley, I found mine on Amazon! It looks like there are a couple options under $2 right now. I didn't have the "official" Disney one for the cheese, but they turned out cute anyway.


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