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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lincoln's 2nd Birthday Adventuring

We had such a fun day celebrating Lincoln's second birthday on February 19!  It was a low-key day with just our little family, which was perfect after the extravaganza of his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party. Fair warning: this is a pretty photo-heavy post!

Birthday morning - the first thing to do was obviously play with cars!

Healthy birthday breakfast!

Daddy was able to come home from work a little early, so that we could head off on a birthday adventure!  We went downtown to Crown Center and had a late lunch at Fritz's Restaurant.  Lincoln was amazed by all of the trains!  This restaurant is so fun - you use a phone on the table to place your order and your food is actually delivered by train.  There's a track running all along the top of the restaurant and the train visits your table when your meal is ready.  So awesome.

Ordering lunch at Fritz's!

Every time a train went by, he watched it go all the way back to the kitchen!

Little miss was really happy,
once she got to nurse!

GIANT Birthday Sundae for a BIG 2-Year-Old!
(Daddy helped eat it and Mommy was bummed that she can't have dairy.)

Can you just hear him shouting "CHOO-CHOO!!!!"  He was in heaven.

I think it's safe to say he had a good time.

Love this little face. Also yes, he IS wearing a Batman windbreaker.

Checking out the Choo-Choo with Daddy.

After lunch, we headed down to Crown Center's latest free exhibit - Funville!  I didn't expect this exhibit to be as amazing as it was.  Lincoln ran himself absolutely ragged, going from one display to the next.  He rode a truck, a tractor, a spaceship, visited a theatre, a barber shop, a science lab, a movie studio, a car garage, a doctor's office, the Oval Office...seriously - it was so fun.  I was carrying Addie, so Andrew was chasing Lincoln around and climbing through all the really small doorways to get into each room. 

Riding a "track-y!"

Tiny little news reporter!  Love this!

This was the only display he didn't love - I think it scared him.

President Lincoln. ;)

When he started falling over from running so hard in between rooms, we decided it was probably time to head home.  It was such a fun little adventure - and inexpensive too, since Funville is FREE!  Once we were home, we spent the evening playing with all of his new birthday toys.  He may not remember this birthday when he grows up, but for what it's worth, I think he had a good day.

How do you celebrate birthdays with a very young child?


  1. We took Trip to an aquarium for his first birthday bc he loved Nemo and we'll be taking G to the zoo bc honestly, he doesn't show preference for anything and his party will be elephant themed :). We don't have much else to do locally so we didn't do anything special for Trip's 2nd other than his Puppy Pawty.

    1. I'm trying to remember - I don't think we actually went anywhere for Lincoln's first birthday! There are all sorts of places to visit around here, but he's not old enough for most of them yet.


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