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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Adelaide: 4 Months Old

I'm pretty sure that a lack of sleep makes the individual days creep by at the slowest pace possible - but makes time overall race faster than you can imagine.  Does that make sense?  Maybe not, but I'm blaming the aforementioned lack of sleep either way.  Miss Addie's four month birthday was yesterday, which I find just crazy.

Milestones: Adelaide, here we are at month 4 - I can't believe it!  You still aren't rolling over consistently (though you have managed once or twice), but you are trying pretty hard.  You get pretty frustrated when you get stuck.  Last week, you figured out that you can use your hands to hold things and you are enjoying playing with little toys.  And last night, you found your toes!  You were definitely fascinated by those!  You still love to suck on your fingers.  This week we moved you out of the Rock 'n Play at night - you're in the Pack 'n Play in Mommy and Daddy's room now.  I'm hoping it might encourage you to remember that you know how to sleep 8+ hours a night.  It's been a long couple of weeks with frequent wakings from both you and Lincoln - Mommy is really, really tired.

Loves:  You have such fun with your little toys - Baby Einstein giraffe rattle, Disney Princess crinkly book, Disney purple birdie rattle, and a little plush mouse are your favorites.  You adore watching Lincoln play and you're even more thrilled when he brings your toys to you!  You love watching everything that is going on around you - so much that you are reluctant to nap during the day.  The world is so exciting to you right now and that is fun for us to watch!  You love to interact with people - just about anyone you meet gets a big grin.  I think you also like having lots of wardrobe changes as you seem determined to spit up on or poop through multiple outfits a day!  You also really love your play mat and all of the toys that hang from it.

Hates:  You hate going to sleep right now.  Some days, I can hardly get you to nap - so by bedtime, you are really overtired and have a terrible time falling asleep, even with constant nursing.  I hope you outgrow this really soon!  You're not a big fan of playtime in the evening and you just want to be cuddled.  Some of the really loud noises Lincoln makes startle you.  You are also not sure about the carseat - sometimes it's okay, sometimes it definitely is not

This week, I started washing the 6-9 month clothes I stockpiled while I was pregnant.  The plan was for you to wear them during the late summer.  Obviously you have other plans - but I wasn't expecting this since your big brother was always right on track with the clothing sizes.  You are right between the 3-6 and 6-9 clothes right now - some of the 3-6 are too small, and some of the 6-9 are too big.  Your Easter dress is a size 3-6 months so you had better hold off another couple of weeks before you have any major growth spurts!  You're in a size 3 diaper (finally switched this week as I'm getting a little tired of blowouts in size 2)!  Your weight is 16 pounds, 8 ounces and you are 24 3/8" long.  You are a chubby little chunk and everyone comments on how adorably chubby you are.

I can't believe that we have already had you in our lives for 1/3 of a year.  You are a joy in our house and we love you so much!

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