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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lincoln's Reading Corner October 2012

Did you catch last month's Reading Corner?  When I wrote that post, I assumed that the next installment would contain all of the same books - we read them that much!  But it turns out, the selection has actually changed up quite a bit!  So without further ado - here are Lincoln's Top 8 Books in October 2012!

1. The Berenstain Bears New BabyI requested this book from the library since it is about welcoming a little sister into the family!  It has not been Lincoln's top choice, but he has let me read it a few times.  I always try to compare Small Bear to Lincoln - maybe he's making the correlation that he, too, is going to have a baby sister?  Yeah, probably not.  But I'll keep trying!

2. Old MacDonald Had a Farm.  This book is from a 4-board-book collection - I have no idea where we got it. It has little pop-up flaps on every page with all of the different animals on Old MacDonald's farm.  Lincoln thinks it's pretty great.

3. All Things Bright and Beautiful.  This is another from a (different) 4-board-book collection.  This one contains the first couple lines of lyrics to the hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful and also features pop-up flaps on every page.  This is probably Lincoln's very favorite of all the books this month!  I can't tell you how many times we have read this!

4. Little Bee Finger Puppet Book.  This book is cute - it features a little bee finger puppet that you can use to interact with your little one while reading.  This one is especially popular around here at bedtime, when he is exhausted and needs a distraction to get through the ordeal of putting on pj's.  I just discovered that this book is part of a series...may be adding Little Puppy or Little Mouse to our stocking stuffer list!

5.  Where Does It Park? 
This book was a summer reading program prize this year and I am so glad we chose this one!  It has been a favorite for months, I just forgot to put it on the September list.  It is a simple board book that asks Where does a car park?  Where does a train park?  Where does a bus park?  You get the idea.  Andrew and I both have it memorized.

6.  The Good Shepherd. 
This is in the same collection as All Things Bright and Beautiful (above).  Also featuring pop-up flaps, it's the story of a shepherd who goes searching for a little lost lamb.  He makes quite the journey, as he looks everywhere from his barn to the desert.  Lincoln always grins when we get to the end and the sheep is found!

7.  The Lord is My Shepherd (Little Golden Books)
This Little Golden Book is a picture representation of the 23rd Psalm.  Maybe Lincoln thinks shepherds are awesome, since he randomly found this book (and the previous one) amidst the hundreds of books in our house and keeps insisting that we read them?

8.  Little Lion's Bible
.  This fun book has a furry lion on the cover, which makes it a great book for little ones like Lincoln!  Each page is a short version of a Bible story - featuring everything from Creation to Daniel to Jonah.  I know this one will stay in our collection for many, many years to come.

And that's it!  What books are your little ones enjoying right now?  We're always on the lookout for new stories!

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