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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simple Moments v.1

It's sometimes hard, in the midst of all of the toddler fussing and tantrums and semi-sleepless nights, to appreciate the little moments.  I entered this "mommy journey" intending to pay attention to everything.  To capture the details.  So that I won't ever forget all of the beautiful little things in our lives.

And I'm really trying.  Never mind that we were in the middle of a four-hour nap battle when I took this photo.  Even just a few hours after the fact, I find it captivating.  Look at that little face!  What is he thinking about?

It's fascinating to watch his imagination grow.  He spends hours playing with his cars and trucks.  Sometimes he literally takes twenty minutes to line them all up.  And heaven help us if we try to move them while he is working on this project. 

This past week, I've noticed a lot more interaction with the people toys in his collection - and not just the vehicles.  Example: apparently the firefighter has decided he wants a career change and is now driving a loader.  I can't wait until he knows more words so that I can eavesdrop on conversations between all the toys.  I think his imagination is going to take him all sorts of places.

I almost cried when I downloaded this photo to my computer and looked at it up close.  When did he grow up so much?  There's not a lot of baby left in his sweet face.  I don't understand where the last 20 months have gone.  Please, time....slow down.  Just a little.

I'm linking up to The Simple Things over at Simple as That today!


  1. What a little sweetheart! Naps or no naps, you have a handsom little man in your life :D

  2. They are so absolutely sweet at that age! My girl is 5 now, but some of that "baby" can be found in her sweet cheeks or chubby tummy. :)


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