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Monday, July 8, 2013

That Time We Ate at T-Rex Cafe {Summer Bucket List}

I've always wanted to eat at the T-Rex Cafe at the Legends outdoor shopping mall in Kansas City, Kansas. There are only two locations of this restaurant in the country, and the other one is at Downtown Disney! So, when I started drafting our summer bucket list, I decided that since a trip to the most magical place on earth was not in the budget, we could still have a Disney-esque experience close to home.

The restaurant is amazing to look at, inside and out. The dining area is split into multiple sections with various themes (under the sea, ice age, etc). We dined in the Sequoia Room.

Lincoln was a little bit apprehensive about the giant T-Rex inside the door.

What we envisioned for this excursion was a two-year-old who was excited to observe all of the "roars" and would be happy just because there were so many things to look at while dining. What we got was a little boy shrieking like a banshee because he wanted "DOWN! OUUUUUT!" We finally bribed him into the chair by offering juice, but even that only lasted a few minutes.

Andrew and I both took him on walks around the restaurant, attempting to point out all the dinosaurs and other themed decorations. He refused to be held, wouldn't be still, and threw himself on the floor more than once. How great is it to be that family?

Addie did pretty well just hanging out in the highchair, until the food came - when she (naturally) decided that she should be held as well. So when our food finally arrived at our table, we were both scarfing it down frantically. At $12-20 a plate, it's not a restaurant where you really want to leave half your food untouched on the table. 

I had a Chicken Caesarsaurus Salad; Andrew had Triassic Tortellini. The little man surprisingly consumed most of his dino-shaped chicken nuggets. Maybe the epic tantrums made him ravenous like a dinosaur? We were just glad he sat still for a few minutes so we could all inhale our food.

We opted to not turn our adventure into a big shopping spree and only stopped in one store after our meal. It was a long drive there and back, but it came on a day when I needed something different than being in the house with the kids - I was afraid I might go crazy!

So, did we enjoy the experience? Well - sort of. It was unanimously decided that next time we visit, we will have grandparents along for the ride. It's just way too hard to keep everyone entertained by ourselves without grandparent magic. Perhaps Lincoln will have matured a little by the time we go back. Or - maybe not.. But I can hope, right?

Come see how much progress we have made on our list!

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  1. Awe that looks like so much fun! Hopefully the next trip will go better. We've also vowed to always carry the grandparent magic with us too! ;)


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