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Monday, July 22, 2013

Backyard Sprinkler Party Fail {Summer Bucket List 2013}

Let me level with you. I find it difficult to get outside with my kids every day. I'm not really sure why this is; maybe I'm just accustomed to an indoor lifestyle? Lincoln can't be trusted outside by himself yet, and Addie doesn't sleep unless I am holding her - so I seem to spend most of my time coaxing her to sleep on the couch. Not to mention, it's hot in Missouri in the summer.

But in spite of my lack of enthusiasm for the outdoors, I was determined this summer to get out and enjoy the world. And....we've done okay. Not great. But okay.

A couple weeks ago, we decided to have a super impromptu party and asked some friends to come over later that day to help us break in our new sprinkler (purchased on clearance last summer for under $8). We decided it would be a great backyard bash. The kids were sure to have fun!

Thankfully the heat was not blistering - but we lathered everybody up in sunscreen and headed out. We had six little kids running around the backyard.

Okay, so two of them didn't really do much running. They just looked at us like we were nuts. We hooked up the sprinkler and turned it on, expecting shrieks of glee and hysteria. That wasn't exactly what we got.

Lincoln rocking a head-to-toe swim outfit to keep his burned skin from the sun.

All of the kids kind of just stared at the sprinkler, stared at the water, and stood in the grass out of the spray's reach. It took a major amount of coaxing and some impromptu water slides to get them to give it the time of day. And by time of day, I mean about eight seconds.

We persevered for awhile in an effort to make them love the experience, but ultimately decided that a sprinkler must be something you have to learn to enjoy. I don't remember having to learn...I guess I only remember the part of childhood where sprinklers were the most awesome thing ever.

After awhile, we shut off the water (I guess my lawn was watered?) and let them just play with our playhouse and toys. Then I remembered the other clearance deal I snagged last summer - a $2.50 blow-up pool.

Stephanie was probably about to get seriously splashed.

And that, my friends, was the ticket. Those little children threw themselves into the water, dumped it on each other, splashed it all over us mamas, threw it on the ground, and generally had a blast. Well - except for my kids. Lincoln was freaked out until close to the end and would hardly step in it without screaming "NO NO NO NO!" and Addie completely fell apart when I tried to put even her feet in the water.

I don't know why I'm surprised. The adventures I plan for my kids don't seem to go as planned. I just feel pretty proud that I blew up that pool all by myself in like, ten minutes. Mom points forever, right?


  1. My big girls loved the sprinkler right from the start, but my little one was a bit more reluctant. She's happiest just playing in the water table.

  2. You really know how to spot a bargain--$2.50 for that adorable pool is a great deal. Agreed, kids never react the way we imagine. I thought my toddler would love feeding ducks at the pond. She cried, ran away from the ducks, and ate their bread. But she loves going to the dentist…

    1. That is too hilarious that she loves the dentist, but not feeding ducks! Kids are crazy!

  3. I feel the same way about my grand ideas for fun too! But hey, at least you succeeded in making your guests happy!

    Great bargains! I'll have to remember to scout out deals at our Target for next summer when I have two cranky toddlers! They're such water babies, so hopefully they stay that way. We actually put them on a splash pad Sunday, and it was hilarious!

    1. I got some seriously awesome stuff at Target last summer! I want to go look for more this year, even though I need NOTHING. ha!

      We haven't been to a splash pad this year; I should find one!

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    1. It's like this -


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