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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lincoln's Reading Corner July 2013

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The summer started off with a lot of reading, thanks to the summer reading program at our library. We read dozens of books in June, and had reached the point where Lincoln actually asked to read books multiple times a day. Then...he destroyed several library books and reading took a significant hit when all of our library books were promptly returned. We've read books here and there throughout July, but are still having issues with Lincoln leaving them scattered around the house and then walking on them. We'll keep working at learning to care for our books properly and hope that the love for reading continues to grow along the way.

1. My First Book of Things to SeeAgainst my better judgement, we decided to keep a couple of the new library books Daddy brought home for us this month. This book has lots of common things in a child's world and Lincoln loves to point out the baby animals, trees, flowers, stroller, bikes, clock, ice cream, and more.

2. My First Book of Things to Learn. Similar to #1, this book features animals, colors, shapes, numbers and more. Lincoln spent fifteen minutes reading it with me one day last week - and in Lincoln time, that's impressive!

3. World-Class Wings.  We snagged this book in the Target $1 spot. It's based on the upcoming Disney Planes movie - and if you can get past the fact that it completely spoils the story, it's a cute little five-page read.

4. Hug! A cute book with magnetic arms that kids can use to hug each page, this one has been a hit with both kids.

5. My Book of Letters. Another Target $1 spot find. Lincoln can correctly identify the letters B, I, and N most of the time. No idea why those are more important than any others! Somewhere around here, we have a matching Minnie Mouse colors book, but it has disappeared.

Have you read anything fun with your toddler lately? I'm always seeking new books for our collection! If you're looking for more reading ideas, you can check out all our recent favorites here!

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