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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead {Summer Bucket List 2013}

I can't believe I've lived in Kansas City my whole life, but it took me over 26 years to visit Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead! This "little" 12-acre gem is designed as a turn-of-the-century family farm and features close to 200 animals, a schoolhouse, a fishing pond, and so much more. We didn't even scratch the surface on our visit - I can't wait to take the kids here as they grow older. As a child, I would have had no shame in wearing a full-scale prairie costume just to take some photos in the schoolhouse!

We went on this adventure a few weeks ago when a lifelong friend of mine was in town for a visit with her family. We brought my mom (hereafter referred to as "Grandma") as well - I knew that I would need extra hands!

We visited the farmstead in the morning hours - it was warm outside but not scathing. Lincoln and Addie rode in the stroller for about the first ten minutes. We stopped to look at chickens and cows...and then Lincoln spotted a "TRACKEY" - aka tractor.

Well, the world just about came to its literal end, so I agreed to let him get out of the stroller and walk over to look at the massive tractor with a "do not climb" sign fastened firmly to it. He was not pleased at my trying to keep him away from it, but eventually we moved on anyway. He flat-out refused to go in the petting zoo with the rest of our group. So instead, I took him over to a tiny little track where kids were riding on these tiny little tractor-bikes.

Um, cutest thing ever?

He really doesn't understand bicycles yet, so I had to push him around the track. There was not a line of people waiting for a tractor when we had our turn, so he was able to go for several rounds.

I will just let you use your imagination as to the fit that was thrown when I had to remove him from the tiny tractor. Let's just say sharing is not something in the grasp of his comprehension yet.

After letting him run off some (more) energy on the huge playground, we met back up with our friends. Lincoln - of course - never quit running. For probably another hour, he ran back and forth on the alphabet stones (calling them "twoooooos!"), and across this little crayon bridge, and in and out of the playhouse. Over and over and over.

Little Miss Addie decided that she had scene enough flowers and animals and promptly crashed on Grandma's shoulder. She took a nice long nap!

Lincoln was bribed to be still for a few photos with snacks.

I love that my mama lives only ten minutes away from me and can come with us on adventures!

My dear friend Holly and her daughter Margo, with me and Adelaide. I've known Holly since we were about Lincoln's age. There's something special about a friend that's literally been there your whole life!

We did eventually learn that Lincoln thought feeding the goats was really fun! He was all about the food - he would take one pellet at a time and come running back for more. When he ran out he would shout "TURN! TURN!" at the dispenser until I put in another quarter to release more food. And, he tried to put the food back in the dispenser several times.

But once we were out of food, he went right back to running. No time to rest for my busy boy!

Deanna Rose is free Mondays-Thursdays and only $2 on the weekends. I know we will be visiting more often! If you're in KC, plan to take your family to the farmstead soon - you will love it!

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