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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Weddings With and Without Kids

This was supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post, but I got a little bit carried away. Oops! Enjoy the photo spree?

We've been to our fair share of weddings in the last few years. Most recently - last weekend. I've noticed a few things have changed over the years...

When you're in the newlyweds-with-no-kids phase of life, weddings are a great place to hang out with your significant other, get a little bit wild*, and party the evening away. Here are a few examples:

There's plenty of time to dance with your sweetheart.

You can sneak off to decorate a getaway car.

You don't have to share your table's candy centerpiece with anybody.

You take lots of selfies, because what else is there to do?*

When you're pregnant, things remain much the same:

You can still operate a video camera.

(Holly, Rachel, Chelsi...if you read this, I promise I haven't forgotten about you. I know you don't believe me!)

You can pose for lots of photos showing off that enormous cute baby bump.

Once you have a baby, things become a little more complicated.

You have to make sure that you have someone to take care of your infant while you take photos of your/the bridal party's bouquets. 

 Your baby may have to take a bottle of pumped milk during the wedding ceremony, so you will have to remove the top half of your bridesmaid dress in order to pump in a random nursery at your earliest convenience. Yes, it's possible that I know this from experience - but I'm not sharing any photos.

Nursing moms: believe me when I say you should take nursing access into deep consideration when selecting your wedding attire.

Regardless - you'll be able to pose for some adorable photos with your tiny baby (who has pooped through his cute wedding attire and is now wearing an octopus sleeper).

You can also capture some epic baby expressions when he is freaked out by all the noise made when the newlyweds are sent off.

Chances are that the wedding will take place during nap and/or bedtime, so you'll probably be spending a lot of your time at the reception like this:

But if it's a family event - and you have someone to help - you can still steal away to the dance floor and laugh hysterically at something inappropriate your husband whispered in your ear.

You can dress your unsuspecting child in odd and also inappropriate props for a photo booth shoot.

You may even manage to get a decent family photo after all the crazy is done.

And if you're really lucky, you can have a kid-free outing after the festivities with friends you haven't seen in years!

When you have two kids, all the crazy can't even be contained.

Your lovely reserved table starts looking like this - before anyone even sits down.

Daddy spends most of the event chasing the toddler around the grounds and trying to catch him when he tumbles down staircases. Keeping him from screaming during the ceremony or speeches is an added bonus.

You might catch a glimpse of toddlers on the dance floor - before one of them lifts up the edge of the tent and bolts across the lawn.

When Daddy is not chasing, he can usually be found doing what we refer to as "nurseblocking."

But, soon enough, he's back to chasing.

And your lovely family photo? It looks kind of like this.

So - any tips for surviving weddings with kids? It kind of looks like we need some help! I'm sure our saga will be even crazier in the next few years - when we've added a few more little ones. Thanks for walking down memory lane with me today!

*we don't drink - so our version of wild may not be up to the typical standard. Decorating balloons with sharpies is considered exciting around here.
*obviously you should only resort to this when all the balloons have smiley faces and are stuffed in a getaway car.


  1. This post was awesome! You're hilarious.
    I loved seeing ones from my wedding, and the nurseblocking picutre is SO funny - epic.

  2. This is where we are except I'm the chaser and my husband keeps the baby until she needs to eat. And wardrobe while nursing I can relate with. I have spent many wedding receptions in the bathroom or car but at our last one I wore a dress I could nurse from and decided to just pull out my cover and nurse during the reception. I love the nurseblocker photo! My husband is my nurseblocker when I start nursing.

    1. I'm pretty happy that my hubby is the chaser; I don't think I could keep up! I have only one dress that is nursing-appropriate, but it has been great at weddings and church this year. I'm not really a fan of nursing under a cover and only do so if my clothing does not offer adequate coverage. ;) I don't even think anyone noticed she was nursing at the wedding we attended last weekend!


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