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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What's Under My Couch? {volume I}

Oh, hi there, readers.

I always find it so ridiculous amusing when I sit down to blog and realize, oh it's been three days since I've written content? But I've been so busy online, how did that happen?! This week, it's been a combination of strongly promoting the trendy infant headbands in my shop, cheering for the Kansas City Royals, "catching up" on email (there are 104 messages in my inbox right now - CRY), and generally just being a mom. You know. Running around outside like a lunatic at dusk to wear off some energy pre-bedtime (it didn't work, they were up so many times last night I lost track).

Oh and I cleaned out my kid's craft stash, which had overtaken my entire laundry room. It's slightly back in control now. Slightly.

I have a full week's worth of posts sitting here in draft mode, plus more in my brain, but instead of working on any of those, I decided to write something far more random:

What's Under My Couch? Volume I.

Meet my couch!

Wall Art featured in this post, waaaaay back at the beginning of this blog adventure.

It's kind of a pathetic little thing. The cushions don't stay in place and the center piece of the sectional is in our garage because we can't get in the living room if it's being utilized. The pillows are lumpy and I'm not even sure at this point how many times I have cleaned crackers or soda or pee out of this beast. But, it keeps on giving us a place to sit. It also provides a high surface for Lincoln to jump off in repeated attempts to break his neck - but I digress.

The point is: it's a lovely little couch, and it was given to me for free, so it's not like I have any room to complain. Love you, couch. 

Today's story is about what's lurking under the couch. Because, you see, even though it looks like it touches the floor in front, it doesn't. There is a narrow little crevice all along the front edge which seems to attract things like a fly to molasses on a sweat-inducing South Carolina day. Every now and then, we decide to lift it up and see what treasures our children have tried to permanently remove from their toy collection. Tonight's haul was especially impressive - thus, I felt it worthy to share. You can thank my exhaustion for thinking this is valid entertainment for anyone besides myself.

So, what did I find under the couch?
  • 11 books, 4 of which are from the library, 1 of which is EXTREMELY overdue and accruing fines. 
  • 1 plate, 1 spoon, 1 fried egg, 1 vanilla cookie, 1 McDonald's cup lid from our play kitchen.
  • 1 plastic toy credit card. 
  • 3 crayons. 
  • Envelope from a recent birthday party invitation.
  • Tire from a broken car we no longer have.
  •  1 Cheerio (not Cheerio brand - it's sprouted).
  • Rectangle block that's been missing from our shape puzzle.
  • Plastic pink bracelet.
  • "Toy School" script, from when I was reading plays this summer to find new material for my students. 
I think this could be a great blogger link-up post series. Am I right?? I can't be the only mom with random stuff under her furniture. I dare you to go look under something RIGHT NOW and come back to leave me a comment of what you found - no matter how ridiculous. Ready? GO!


  1. Haha! I love it. I will admit... as a boy mom... I am scared to reach my hands under and check behind the couch! :)


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