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Monday, October 27, 2014

Currently // October 27, 2014

So, Monday is already almost over and it frightens me a little bit that I already feel super behind on this week's projects. Here's hoping for an early bedtime and much productivity tonight! 

Thinking // 
...that it's ridiculous that my babies will soon be two and four years old. Make it stop.

...about what we're having for dinner tonight. It was supposed to be BBQ Chicken, but I forgot to put it in the crock pot earlier in the day. So, now I'm not sure what to do.

Pumpkin Patch adventuring this weekend - it was SO HOT! They were super sweaty.

Dreaming // 
...about Christmas and vacations and other things that are going to be delightful and simultaneously hard on our finances.

Organizing // 
...the whole house. Still. Yesterday, I cleaned off my kitchen table. I honestly can't remember the last time it was not piled high with all sorts of random nonsense, so it's a really big accomplishment. 

...all of the lovely products arriving for my Holiday Gift Guide! Wait until you guys see all the cool stuff I get to feature in this year's guide. I'm kids are excited...I think you will be, too.

We had sprouted crust pizza twice last week and it was yummy.
Maybe this will be dinner tonight?

Laughing At // 
...the number of babies Addie tries to snuggle with while nursing to sleep (photo below). She doesn't care if she has them in bed or not, but she tries to balance everything on my lap with her.

...some of the things Lincoln says lately. I'm trying so hard to write them all down, but there was something yesterday that I have already totally forgotten. It cracked me up for ages, whatever it was.

All the babies.

Reading // 
...mostly just books with the kids because there is not a whole lot of time right now for me to fit in reading books or blogs or anything. We're loving a lot of Berenstain Bears and Clifford and Little Critter books these days.
This post feels random, but hey - it's done. How's your Monday going? Linking up with Hannah for Currently.


  1. Awww Addie is adorable with all her furry little friends! So cute!!!

  2. That happens to me sometimes, I forget to put something in the crock pot!
    That pizza looks sooooo good right now! haha (Can you tell I am hungry??)ha

    Stopping by from the Link up ~Becky with Choose Happy

    1. I'm wishing I had that pizza again right now, too! I'm not a fan of figuring out what to do at dinnertime.

  3. ohh tell me more about this sprouted crust pizza?? looks delish! Hazel is obsessed with taking all of her babies everywhere around the house too! She gets upset when the 10th baby wont fit in her stroller! haha Thanks for linking up! How are you feeling about the prompts? have any suggestions on what you might like to write about?

    1. I'm fighting tooth decay, so we're only eating sprouted grains these days...this pizza is one of my favorites because it is so yummy, I forget that it's healthy!

      I just like having prompts because they don't require as much thought from me...makes for an "easy" post to start the week!


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