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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Things She Says {October 2014}

This little munchkin blows me away daily with her communication skills. After we struggled to understand Lincoln until he was almost three, I expected the same from Addie. That did not happen in the least! She was already using tons of words by her first birthday, and has only continued to add words, phrases, and even complete sentences into her language. I would say that I understand what she asks 99% of the time - and that is huge!

She's able to tell me when something is wrong, if something hurts, or if she is just grumpy. Her level of communication is a huge blessing. I definitely don't want to forget some of the things she says right now, so just like I did for Lincoln last week, I'm sharing some of her most common words and sayings today.

"Not talk 'a me, daddy." This can be directed at anyone. If she decides she is done communicating with someone, she will say this and walk away.

"Not want to right now." We hear this all the time, about many things - from sleeping to eating to having her diaper changed to riding in the car to playing with her favorite toy to.... you get the idea.

"Flappety flippers." This is the catch-phrase of Peso the penguin from the Octonauts TV show that the kids both adore. Lincoln's alter-identity is Captain Barnacles and Addie's is Peso. And the other day, I heard her saying this over and over again while they were playing. Um, adorable.

"Okay, okay, okay" and "All right, all right, all right." These are her standard answers to anything, if she is in agreement. Sometimes just one "okay" - but usually we're treated to three at a time.

The Eye Roll. Oh my word, this child. I don't even know how she learned to roll her eyes, but it is a skill she has certainly perfected Example here.

"Nope!" She sort of skipped right over "yes" and "no" for nope, okay, and all right. I don't really mind, it's pretty cute.

"I want a blanket." This is a phrase at bedtime or nap. Usually uttered in a pretty pathetic little voice, amidst almost tears.

"Mommy, hold me!" Oh, my heart. I dread the day when no one asks me to hold them anymore.

"Yeahhhhh!" There are a couple variations of this: the sneaky, high-pitched version if she's doing something she shouldn't, and the excited, normal-tone version.

"Not want to go a sleep." Um, we hear this just about every day, since this kid is determined that sleep is not important in any way, shape, or form. Although lately, she's actually asked to nap and go to sleep a few times, so I have some renewed hope that I might sleep again in my lifetime.

"I want milk!" and "I want to nurse!" She still nurses (sort of) on demand when we are at home. We haven't nursed in public in awhile, but that's mostly because she's just too busy to think about it. I think at home, she gets bored and finds it quality entertainment. She also will down a sippy full of milk in a short amount of time.

"Appa-shauce." The best pronunciation of applesauce ever.

"I want to cwuh-der 'ith markers." Markers are kind of the bane of my existence right now. They love them. I love that they love them. I don't love cleaning them off every surface of my home, washable or not.

"Let me check on Ink. Where is he? Brudder?" She can't handle not knowing where Lincoln is or what he's doing. He calls himself "Inky," thus the reference to Ink.

"Oh, sowwy, sowwy, sowwy." She won't say sorry when prompted all the time because she has a serious stubborn streak, but if she genuinely thinks she hurt you or did something wrong, she's pretty quick to say this - usually with a snarky little giggle.

Sound off - when did your kids start talking? Do I have an advanced talker on my hands, or is this typical language for an almost two-year-old? I'm not sure since Lincoln was so different - but I guess that just goes to prove that kids just develop at their own pace!


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