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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

it was a productive monday.

Spring is HERE!!

At least, it's consistently been above freezing lately (for three days anyway). This new development is SO exciting. I've had my windows open the past couple days...I'm excited for spring.

On Sunday, I went on a mass organization frenzy and mostly redid the living room and the office. This desk formerly held the top half of a Walmart bookshelf - which was stuffed to overflowing. We condensed the books - excited for garage sale season! - and were able to move the small half-bookshelf to the garage, where it will eventually hold my AGDT library.

I'm excited to have the bulletin board hanging as well. I think I bought it in last year's Lakewood garage 9 months ago.

The hall coat closet went through a major overhaul as well. The floor was previously covered with tons of bags - plastic, paper, and otherwise - and random cardboard boxes. I think this stuff had been in there since we moved in. I also organized all of the winter accessories on the top shelf - they used to be all shoved in just one basket. Obviously they did not fit and it was very difficult to find anything.

Yesterday I spent part of my last free Monday (AGDT starts next week) at Hobby Lobby. A quick shot of all the goodness waiting to be unloaded at home:

I have been working on a wall art idea for probably 6 months - and I finally decided to make it a reality. Here is the finished product -

It features photos from our shoot with Lindsey at the Plaza last October, and has the lyric from the finale song in Beauty and the Beast - which was our wedding recessional. ♥ it.

While at Hobby Lobby to purchase the supplies for this wall art, I realized that they have coordinating fabrics to the paper I selected!! I immediately decided that new couch pillows were in order, to try to give a cute pop of color to my mostly bland living room. So this is the fabric - will definitely post photos once the project is underway.

Also randomly decided that the house needed some cute floral arrangements. Here is my "test" one - I really love it and am planning to make a few matching ones, to set on top of the piano as well.

Book club at work last night - we made miniature kites. Wow, it's difficult to get 14 little girls to work on a project that involves small pieces and tying knots. But success - everyone went home with a finished product.

All in all? It was a good Monday.
Now, today? It's been okay so far. But check out my to-do list for tonight/the rest of this week:

Yep, that's just half the list. I'm off to cross off one thing...finishing this blog post! Woohoo! :)

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