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Friday, October 3, 2014

Things He Says {October 2014}


Earlier this year, I wrote a post about Lincoln's language explosion and all of the cute things he had started to say. Once he figured out that talking was a useful communication tool, he took off at lightning speed. He talks literally nonstop these days, and while not everything he says is a specific hilarious Lincoln-ism, I still wanted to write down some of these memories before they are lost.

You don't realize that it's the last time when your kid mispronounces a word one day and says it fine the next. You don't know how much you'll miss the intonation of a little voice calling to you from two rooms away to share the latest everyday observation. Make the little moments count. Write down the cute things they say - even if they annoy you. Because one day, you'll wish more than anything to hear them again.

So, after that emotional discourse - here are my favorite Lincoln sayings right now.

"I willn't!" This word - willn't - means won't. Andrew tried to teach him the right word a couple weeks ago and I begged him to stop, because willn't is my favorite right now. I even find myself saying it sometimes. Ha.

"I need three, cuz I'm three!" This has lately applied to anything that we do. We have to read three books at a time, or do three errands at a time, or have three snacks at a time. Because, he's three!

"Follow me!" and "I will lead the way!" He loves being the first one to go somewhere. He is displeased when I don't let him lead the way when we're pushing a grocery cart or walking through a parking lot, however.

"All day morning." This means "all day long," and it's another favorite phrase that he uses frequently right now. Example: I just wanted to watch movies all day morning! 

"Where's Peso?" He's crazy about the Octonauts right now and has dubbed himself Captain Barnacles. Addie is Peso. They refer to each other by these names constantly and it's pretty much hilarious.

"Dashi, take a picture with your camera." Who's Dashi? Oh, that's me - it's MY Octonaut alternate identity. Andrew is Shellington. My parents are Kwazii and Inkling. He also plays with Tweak - but I think she's an imaginary friend. He's always looking for a carrot for her to eat.

"How come?" He still doesn't know the word "why" - but this is a close second. It is asked about every single decision or statement or instruction that is made in the course of a day. Over and over and over. I know someday I'll miss it, so I try not to become extremely frustrated.

"Hey, a little bit help here!" I hear this all the time. If he gets himself stuck in a puzzle or a game or while trying to put on his own clothing or while going potty, he chirps "a little bit help here!" It's really pretty adorable.

"In the beginning...God ma-crated....the heavens and the earth! Genesis 1:1!" This is his memory verse from our first week of preschool. He can say it all by himself with no prompting!

"Where we goin' today?"
If I happen to get dressed - or if I get the kids dressed early in the day, this is the question I get immediately.

"I no like it." Typical toddler answer to almost everything. The other day, he told me "I no like delicans" - skeletons. I can't remember why we were talking about skeletons! 

"I not need any broccoli!" Eating veggies is a pretty big battle, but we are making some progress. Slow progress, but I'll take it. Right now he eats maybe 3-7 tiny pieces of whatever vegetable we are eating - if it can be washed down with a big gulp of water.

"Let me help!" All day, every day, I hear this. He wants to be involved in everything.

I know there are so many other things he says that I don't want to forget - but even when I hear them from day to day, it's easy for them to slip from my mind. What cute things does your preschooler say? Leave me a comment below and let me know!


  1. So many cute things! Margo's funny saying lately: "let's talk about bones." She likes to try to feel her bones, and likes me to explain things about bones, daily.

  2. It is so good you are writing his "sayings" down!! precious memories!!


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