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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adelaide: 1 Year Old

One year old. That's the latest around here. We celebrated Addie's first birthday on Monday. I know I talk a lot about how I'm not in a hurry, but somehow time keeps marching right on anyway. But it's not marching. It's racing down an absurdly steep roller coaster track, getting faster and faster every day. It really seems like it was minutes ago that I felt like we had waited forever to meet our Adelaide. Her amazing birth can't have been so long ago.

The time has flown with you, baby princess. I am striving to enjoy every minute, even in spite of whatever craziness may come our way. This week is, again, crazy - because I am working on your upcoming birthday bash!

Milestones: There is no more crawling in our house, ever. You are on your feet, trying your very best to keep up with Lincoln, all the time. You love to grab things you know you are not supposed to have and "run away" with them. Your version of running is to take several quick steps away from me (half the time you fall over from all this effort), and while I do my best not to laugh at you while you are being naughty, it's one of my favorite things that you do right now.

You're pretty consistently taking one or two naps a day right now. This may not seem like much to the average parent, but for me, it's miraculous. You are an incredibly light sleeper, though, so it's a tough task to keep Lincoln quiet while you are resting. Nighttime sleep has not really changed at all. You just don't want to lie down and be away from me. Every few nights, I am able to put you down for an hour or two and that helps my sanity.

We're still practicing baby-led weaning and I have been offering you more foods in the last month. You've tried lots of new things lately, and the only one you completely turned your nose up at was carrots. You still want to nurse frequently during the day and at least a couple of times in the night. We made it easily to a full year of nursing and I have no plan to stop until you are ready. If you take after your brother, that could be quite some time, since your first birthday also marked one year of tandem nursing for me.

You say "mama," "dada," and "brother" fairy consistently still, though sometimes I doubt whether you understand them. One word that you clearly know is "Piper" - Grandma (Bun) and Grandpa (Pa)'s dog. Or, possibly you just think that all dogs are called "Piper" because we've heard you refer to other dogs the same way. You are startle to babble even more, with "words" that are sounding more real all the time.

Maybe my favorite milestone? Just a day or two before your birthday, you started to give "loves" to your toys and books. You will do this on command now, and it is the cutest thing. You'll give love to just about anything or anybody right now. I don't want this stage to end!

You also have recently started to dance whenever you hear music - or when we say "dance, Addie!" You swing your arms from side to side when you dance and it is adorable.

Loves:  Right now, you adore baby dolls, Lincoln's cars, and especially books. The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is toddle over to the bookshelf, select a favorite, and find a lap to sit in with your book. You'll bring the book up to me, hand it over, then turn around and back yourself into my lap, ready to read. I love it. Lincoln loves books too, but in a very different way. I am enjoying the little bookworm I have on my hands!

You and Lincoln have become better friends in the last month, but you're still too little to understand that you can't play as roughly as brother. Lincoln receives multiple admonitions each day because he pulls you over or knocks you down or sits on you. Sometimes you don't mind, and the two of you giggle yourselves silly. Other times (more often), you start screaming. He is very affectionate right now - he'll come up to you and hug your neck and say "awwww, cute baby!"

You love snuggling with Daddy when he comes home from work each day, and you try your hardest to be involved in the roughhousing that goes on around here.

Hates: You do not like it when you don't get your way. You're developing quite a little attitude. Surprisingly, you did not hate your Halloween costume. I expected you would since getting dressed and changing your diaper is almost always a battle. 

You have a few choice people that you know - mostly grandparents - and anyone else who tries to talk to you is met with the most sorrowful face you could ever imagine. And heaven help them if they try to hold you or even touch you!

You still utterly despise your car seat. We went out of town just before your birthday and you were most unhappy about having to ride so long in the van.

Weight/Height: You stood on our scale a couple days ago and it said 24 pounds. 24 pounds! 12-18 month clothes are fitting pretty well lately. Baby girl outfits are ridiculously adorable, and I love picking out what my tiny fashionista will wear every day.

You still have just 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom), but I am expecting a whole bunch of them to pop through all at once, anytime now. You've had teething symptoms for weeks.

I put your hair in tiny baby pigtails last week and it was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. You weren't very happy about it, but we'll try again when you have a little bit more hair.

Precious little girl, you have changed our lives for the better and we are so glad to know you. I can't wait to see what the next year brings - and I have an idea it will fly by even faster than this one did.


  1. Happy Birthday! She is beautiful and adorable. I really like the first photo where she is leaning on the mushroom.

    I hope she enjoys her birthday bash!


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