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Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Sonic Milkshakes {Summer Bucket List}

We love going for family walks in the evening after Andrew gets home from work. We have a regular route through our neighborhood, which we could probably walk in our sleep. Sometimes, we take a more adventurous approach and walk a mile to the thrift store, or - when we get a call that our account has a freebie - the movie rental store.

Also within walking distance is a Sonic Drive-In and it seemed like a fun idea to include a family walk for ice cream on our summer bucket list. It just so happened that Sonic offered half-price milkshakes one day a couple weeks ago - and that was the perfect opportunity.

We loaded the kids into the stroller and set off. Neither of them was incredibly thrilled with the plan, but we promised a good time.

It's maybe a twenty minute walk, but it seemed like more in the heat! We parked the stroller at a table and Andrew placed our order. We always seem to remember how fun it is to take a toddler out to eat at about this point of the dining experience.

Naturally, some trucks came with us.

Can you say too many choices?

A lot of people had the same idea as us - all of the menus in the dining area were occupied, so Andrew ordered from a car port.

Lincoln grew pretty impatient waiting for our "nummies" to arrive, but once they did, he was intrigued. He doesn't really eat ice cream very often - and when he does, it's usually just bites from another person's bowl. So when we handed him his very own cup full of sweet, cold, creamy goodness, he did not let it go!

He was not quite so impressed with the maraschino cherry though. He took one bite of that and spat it right back out.

This table was really, really sticky.

She wanted a milkshake, too.
Maybe next year!

The kids don't pay attention....

Family selfie!

It was a pretty simple thing to do as a family - and cheap, too, since shakes were all half price! Sometimes it's the small things that are remembered and that's what I'm hoping for our kids: lots of little things that make big memories.

Come see how much progress we have made on our list!


  1. And did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month! What a perfect time to cross this item off your Bucket List!

  2. We have a Sonic two blocks down from us...we've gotten the half-off shakes waayyyyy too many times this summer! :)

    1. We've only been just this once! The kids are supposed to go to bed before half-price shakes start - ha! :)


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