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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adelaide: 8 Months Old

A little someone is eight months old today. It seems like she just arrived - and we're already rounding the curve on her first birthday. I can't even fathom it.

Milestones: Little miss - you need to get over the extreme separation anxiety that has come to light this month. For some reason, you can't deal with life if you are away from me at all. This is around-the-clock. We've kind of gone back and forth with co-sleeping over the last several months, but for the last three weeks or so, you have not slept at night at all without mama. I'm getting used to it, but it's a little bit frustrating to not get a break during your nap or before I go to bed at night.

You are not crawling - yet - but you have mastered rolling both ways, and scooting around while sitting, so you pretty much get where you want to go. You've started rocking on your hands and knees this week, so I think it won't be long at all until you take off.

We're still experimenting with baby-led weaning and so far, you have tried avocado, banana, and peach. You've loved it all! You also have had some baby puffs in recent days. You would probably eat solids two or three times a day if I gave them to you, but I am a little bit lazy and prefer to just nurse you. Way easier than cleaning up food messes!

You said your first word on July 10 - and it was most definitely "Dada." We're not sure if you know what it means, but you babble it constantly and light up if we say it back to you. So we think you definitely know it is a word, even if you don't understand the meaning yet. 

Loves: You are thrilled if Lincoln gives you any sort of attention, even if he is pulling on your limbs or head or beating you in the tummy with a tractor. You love to giggle with him and your favorite thing right now is grabbing a giant fistful of his hair. He is not such a fan of that.

You try your hardest to get your hands on Lincoln's toys - especially his little cars - and I'm having quite a time keeping them out of your reach. You also love water bottles, pieces of paper, and anything else that you are not supposed to have.

When you take a bath, you love to splash in the water, beat toys together, and beat them against the bathtub wall. Your favorite Splish Splash cups usually travel with us from the bathtub and I find them scattered all over the house. 

You love to nurse and usually insist upon it at least every two hours. You've become more distracted this month and after the first couple minutes of a nursing session, you will pop off to observe the room, then snack for a few seconds, then pop off again, over and over. It makes nursing in public just slightly more challenging.

Hates: Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. I don't know why you hate it so much when it is such a beautiful thing. You still don't really like the car seat. You don't like it when I tell you no or take you away from something you are not supposed to have. Right now, the laptop is your favorite thing to attack.

Weight/Height: I think you weigh around 20-21 pounds and you are still fitting into 6-9 month and 9-12 month clothes pretty well. You seem taller to me lately; your little legs are always kicking and squirming.

You have a little bit of wispy hair coming in - yay! Maybe soon I can put clips in it? Okay, I still have awhile until that day. 

We love you so, beautiful precious girl. Thank you for the hugs and snuggles and sweet, sweet moments. We are so thankful that you are ours to love.


  1. I loved reading this post! And she is just the cutest thing!

  2. I can definitely see her personality in these photos! What a happy, little baby. Isn't Dada the cutest thing? Lynley is constantly babbling it too these days. When she says it, I say Mamamamama:) She has no idea that she is saying something that sounds to us like Daddy, and I like to give Derrick a hard time about it.

    1. Lincoln didn't figure out how to say Mama until he was OVER 2 years old. I am determined Addie will get there sooner! HA!


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