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Friday, May 31, 2013

I'll Be Back

Mama says she's a little bit busy, folks!

It kind of seems that the more post ideas I have drafted, the less I actually manage to write. As much as I want to spend Addie's morning nap blogging, I need to do laundry and wash dishes and get Lincoln dressed for the day. One of my cousins is getting married tonight, so I have to actually do my hair and wrap a gift and spend time with some family members I haven't seen in years. I'm excited! 

I had two freelance articles due today, so my writing time (when I wasn't up all night with the baby) has been a little bit preoccupied. Next week, I have summer drama classes starting and will probably need a day or two to get back into teacher mode. I think it's time to break out my Peanut Shell carrier and see how Addie likes it.

Hopefully I'll fit in a post or two next week, but if not - don't fear. I'll finish those post ideas...eventually!

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