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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bickey and Roars - Oh Noooooo!

This boy.

He is growing and changing a lot lately.

He's finally figured out that communication is a good thing.  He isn't speaking in sentences yet - and he only strings words together every now and then.  But that's okay - I can tell he is making definite language progress.

Here are my favorite words right now.

-"Nummies!!!!"  All food is referred to as "nummy" or "nummies."  Unless it's something he doesn't like.  Then it's "ucky."

-"Oh nooooo."  He's starting to say this more often when something is broken or out of place or just not suiting his pleasure - and it cracks me up. 

-"Mama?"  In the last week or so, he's actually started calling me with a question in his tone. "Mama?"  Ie, mama, where are you? mama, can I have this? etc.  Warms my heart.

-"Beeee-ar!"  This is his word for Winnie the Pooh.  I've heard him actually say Pooh, so I don't know why he continues to refer to him as "bear."

-Animal Sounds.  He will tell the sounds when prompted by the animal's name.  He knows the standards like dog, cat, pig, sheep...  And then there are some that just crack me up. 

"Lincoln, what's a wolf say?"
"What's a bee say?"
"What's a police car say?"
"Whee-oooo, whee-oooo!"

For a long time, he also said that a cow said "poo" but currently when asked about cows, he makes some sort of gibberish noise and moves on.

I like to ask him about dinosaurs, lions, and tigers all in a row, just to hear him say "ROOOOOOOAR!"

-"Bickey."  This one is phasing out as he's started to actually say "Mickey" and sometimes "Mickey. Mouse!"  Usually this surfaces when I've decided that three episodes of Clubhouse is enough and turn off the computer.  Cue serious wailing: "Bickeeeeeeey!"

-He calls all letters and numbers and symbols "twos."  If you show him the alphabet, he will point at each letter and say "twos! twos!"  Except for B.  For some reason, he knows that letter.

-Similarly, he doesn't really seem to "get" colors yet, but occasionally he will shout out "geen!" and usually the item is actually green, so I think he might understand.

-"Pete-zies!"  This is the word for pizza.  Adorable.

-And of course, I would be silly if I didn't mention the 29184082 times a day I hear him shout "TRUCK!" "CAR!" "CHOO-CHOO!" "BUS!" "PANE! (plane)"  The boy loves his vehicles.

I'm linking up with Growing Up Geeky today for Toddle Along Tuesday!  Hop over to check out more adorable things our little ones say!

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  1. He liked saying, "cat" a lot at my house the other day. It was cute!! :)


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