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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013 Recap

I went to bed Saturday night kind of hoping for a Mother's Day miracle - you know, one that involved my kids sleeping longer than three hour stretches.  Not only did that not happen - it was actually probably the worst night of sleep we have had since Addie was born in November.  Or maybe ever. 

My incredible husband was up half the night with me and the kids, but let me stay in bed for several extra hours in the morning.  Even though I spent most of that time nursing/cuddling with one child or the other, it was glorious to not get up at 6:30am.  We were all dragging so much that we did not make it to church that morning at all.

Due to our sluggishness in general, we were late to lunch at my parent's house, but they saved food for us and we were able to spend time with my mom and dad and grandparents.

Addie & Lincoln with my parents.

My grandparents, me, and Addie.

Lincoln thought he was pretty clever when
he climbed up to snatch this cookie.
Why does he look like he's 7?

We took the kids outside for some sunshine-y photos, and naturally all Lincoln wanted to do was run around the yard.
Three generations of girls!

What it looks like when you try to take a photo with two babies.

Being chased by mama.

My sweet little man.

The princess riding in the swing.  She actually did enjoy it.

After this, we packed everybody in the van and headed to Andrew's parents house.  Neither of the kids had had a nap and Addie was just about beside herself.  She ended up nursing to sleep and snoozing in my arm for a little while, as Andrew, Lincoln, his parents, and grandma played out in the backyard.

Lincoln never, ever runs out of energy.

Grandpa pushing Lincoln on the swing.

Andrew's parent's dog, Candy, is used to this sort of treatment from Lincoln.

Addie and Lincoln with Andrew's parents. 
You can tell how cooperative the kids were acting.

We got home in time to feed Lincoln dinner and start bathtime.  He went to sleep right away.  My parents ended up coming by because our dishwasher decided to start leaking - and we had dishes piled high on every kitchen surface.

My mom rocked Addie and my dad fixed the dishwasher while Andrew and I went on a walk by ourselves for a few blocks around our neighborhood.  It was calming and really, just what I needed at the end of the busy day.

Holidays tend to stress me out, since we tend to be running around town all day long.  I don't know why this is, since I want to go see all the family and the kids usually have a great time.  Probably stems from my constant pessimism.

So, it was a busy day - but good overall.  Aside from the lack of sleep!

So thankful to be called "mama" by these precious little people!

I'm linking up with Growing Up Geeky today for Toddle Along Tuesday!  Hop over to check out more Mother's Day recaps!

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