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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Adelaide: 6 Months Old

It's been half of a year since our baby girl arrivedHalf.of.a.year.


Milestones: Rolling, rolling, rolling!  Literally, in the last three days, you are suddenly going places with your rolling.  I turn my head for two minutes and you are halfway across the room.  Yikes - our house needs some pretty serious baby-proofing if you're about to become mobile!  I don't know how we're going to keep all of Lincoln's tiny little cars away from you! 

You're obsessively interested in the food that Mommy, Daddy, and big brother eat - and now that you are six months old, we may look at starting solids.  But yay us, we easily made it to six months of exclusive breastfeeding!  I made baby food for your brother, but think we may try a more baby-led weaning approach for you.  We'll see.  I'm not quite ready to go there yet.

Sleep has been off and on this month - but mostly off.  You are still swaddled when you sleep (I can't get you to stay sleeping otherwise), but I think you're uncomfortable and would do better if you had some room to stretch.  I've started sort of trying to break the swaddle habit, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about it.  I'm hoping you just magically decide you don't need it. :)

You gained not one, but two teeth this month!  You had a few fussy days, but overall maintained your happy baby attitude throughout this first bout of teething.  Here's hoping you feel that way about all the rest of the teeth!

You are not sitting up yet, but in the last few days, I've noticed you gaining more balance - it could be soon!

Loves:  You are so happy when you can bounce in the exersaucer - although Lincoln keeps sitting on it and breaking it.  You love your Nuby Bug-a-Loop teether, your Sophie, and any of Lincoln's toys you can get your hands on.  Lincoln has been trying to play with you a lot this month, and your best and biggest laughs are reserved just for him.  My heart melts when I hear you two laughing with each other (and I'm doing my best to keep him from smooshing you with love).

You are kind of a mama's girl, which is fine by me.  This month, you started giving big sloppy kisses and they are my favorite thing.  Just this morning, you reached for me for the first time!  I love it!

This look of adoration? It's for Daddy.

Hates:  Sleep is still not fun, although it's marginally better than last month.  You've started going down for naps better again, and every few days I get a 1.5 - 2 hour nap from you.  Compared to the 20 minute naps you've been taking for two months, this is incredible!  You've been going to sleep anywhere from 8:30-10pm lately, with lots of nursing required to get you to sleep.  It seems like you're falling asleep a little faster this week, so I'm hoping we're starting to reach an easier routine.

You're not very happy if Mommy is not in your sight.  You cry if you see me go downstairs to do laundry, and you're not pleased if just about anyone else tries to hold you.  I don't mind, but I think it's frustrating for others to want to hold a baby who only wants to cry. :\

Weight/Height:  You are still growing fast, but I think the super fast weight gaining may have plateaued.  You're in 6-9 month clothes comfortably; a few 9-12 month outfits fit but some are still too big.  Diapers are still size 3 (though Mommy is considering trying cloth diapers for the first time ever...maybe I'm crazy?).  Your hair is starting to come in a little bit more, yay!

At your 6-month check up, you weighed 18 pounds 11 ounces and were 26 inches long!

I really can't believe that you have been with us for half a year.  Your pretty smile lights up our home and our family could never be complete without you.  Happy half-birthday, Adelaide!


  1. No way, she cannot already be 6 months!! These pictures are adorable. I hope she doesn't cry when I come to hold her in June! And finally, hurray for baby led weaning! I LOVED doing it with Margo!

    1. I want to talk to you about BLW when you visit! I didn't start Lincoln on solids until 7 months, so I'll probably wait a bit before trying much with her. :)

  2. Beautiful girl! I'm so jealous on behalf of my twins of her teeth! I am waiting, impatiently, every day for the first two on the bottom to pop through.

    1. I can't imagine teething with twins! I hope they pop super soon!


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