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Friday, October 18, 2013

Adelaide: 11 Months Old

Miss Adelaide, writing your eleven month post means that we are just a few short weeks away from your first birthday. I really just can't believe it. At all. This year has gone so quickly.

Milestones: Well, we have a big one this month. I thought you might take your time, but you sure showed me. One measly day after you turned ten months old, you took about three steps. It was after Lincoln had gone to bed and we were downstairs watching a movie or something. You pulled yourself up and stood there for a few seconds...then took one step. And then, a couple more. And then you were quite proud of yourself. It's taken you most of the month to get the hang of it. For the first couple of weeks, you just took a step here or there and kept on cruising around the couch. But for the last few days, it has seemed like you are walking more than you are crawling. And, you're getting faster.

Sleep is still a battle. You won't sleep at night unless you are with me. I'm used to that now, but I do get pretty frustrated that I don't have any time when "the kids are in bed" to write or work on craft projects. One of these days...I'm sure I'll miss the snuggles, so I try very hard to appreciate them. 

You haven't cared about food quite as much in the last couple of weeks - unless it is whatever Lincoln has. You don't want to eat pouches or pear puree. You want crackers and cheese and spaghetti. I've been letting you try a few more things and will probably continue to introduce more foods in the next month. We love baby-led weaning! You nurse often, 6-8 times a day and (I think) anywhere from 2-5 times a night.

I'm pretty sure that some of your words - "mama," "dada," and "brother" are real. You repeat lots of sounds and babble constantly. You'll definitely be talking sooner than Lincoln did at this rate!

You won't clap your hands or wave on command anymore. It was so cute - I wish you would do it again.

Loves: You still love Lincoln the most - even though I have to watch you two constantly because he tries to smother you with love multiple times a day. He's also starting to push you away if you get close to whatever he is playing with, so we're trying to teach both of you the art of kindness and sharing.

You are thrilled when Daddy comes home from work and you love to laugh and play with him. You love seeing your grandparents, too. Today, Grandma - or "Bun" as Lincoln calls her - ran some errands with us, and when she walked away from you, you were so sad!

Hates: Just take a look at these pictures and I think it's obvious that you do not like to be told what to do. You have your own opinion about how things should go, and lately you've been pretty unhappy if anything happens to the contrary. You've already perfected the arched back and screaming of a full-blown tantrum!

Now that you can walk, you're even more determined to be involved in everything that goes on. You find it quite unacceptable if anyone is doing anything that looks like fun without you.

Weight/Height: I'm not sure what your measurements are exactly, but you're still on your way to growing into those 12-18 month clothes! Some of them already fit you pretty well, but the pj legs swim on you when you try to walk. The pants I bought you for fall are 18-24 months and they fit you fine already! It's partly the cloth diapers, but partly those chubby little legs.

Your hair is still coming in - slowly, but I can see progress. Yay! You've figured out that it is fun to pull headbands off of your head, but I'm trying to discourage that practice.

One more month until your first birthday, little baby princess. Mommy is in shock. I hope that I don't forget any of the sweet little things that you do - and that you (somehow) don't grow up too fast. I love you, precious baby girl.

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