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Thursday, October 3, 2013

How I Saved 83% on Winter Essentials for My Kids

This past week has been a little bit nuts - thus my lack of cohesive social media presence. Whenever I am trying to prepare for a kid's consignment sale, my house is a disaster and I feel behind on everything. Thankfully, my items are all for sale today through Saturday at Kid's Closet Connection in Lees Summit (if you're local - go buy all the things*), and I can breathe easy until it's time to do it all over again.

I shopped the pre-sale for volunteers and consignors yesterday and found some amazing things. Possibly the most exciting are the deals I found for the kid's winter necessities. Here's what I scored!

London Fog Infant Girl Puffer Coat - retail $72.00 - $4.00
London Fog Toddler Boy Puffer Coat - retail $85.00 - $14.00
Old Navy Toddler Boy Snow Bibs - retail $29.94 - $10.00
Circo Toddler Girl Snow Bibs - retail $19.99 - $7.00

The total retail price of just these four items would be $206.93. I paid just $35.00 for these items - a total savings of 171.93 or 83%! Don't even try - you'll never convince me that shopping at consignment sales is not the way to go!

What's the best deal you've found at a consignment sale, thrift store, or garage sale? Secondhand shopping is amazing!

*If you are in KC and want to go shop, the sale runs now through Saturday at Lakeland Community Church, 913 NE Colbern Road, Lees Summit, MO. Hours are 10am-7pm on Friday and 10am-3pm on Saturday (and most items will be half price that day)!

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