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Monday, August 19, 2013

Lincoln: 2 1/2 Years Old

Lincoln, you are the most energetic person I have ever known. With each day that passes, I think you become more determined to jump higher, make more noise, and run faster. I can't believe that you are two and a half years old. How has it already been six months since your second birthday?

What a half a year it has been. We planned to have an adventurous summer, until you had your coffee accident. That threw us off for quite awhile, but you have healed well and are overcoming fears that have surfaced since that day. In spite of the setbacks, we have still done most of the things on our summer bucket list.

Finally, after thinking you may never talk, you have realized that communication is helpful and you are turning into a little parrot! Yesterday, Daddy and I were talking to each other and you were repeating a word or two out of every sentence. Some of your latest words and phrases are: eat, drink, cracker (no longer "crackey"), turn around, close the door ("clo-zeee-door!" - adorable), princess, van, blue car (your birthday gift from Nana and Papa), and so many more I can't even count!

You know a lot of colors! You can identify red, blue, yellow, green, black, white, pink, and sometimes orange. I think you have been saying "square" for awhile, but haven't noticed any other shape recognition. You recognize the numbers 2, 3, 6, and 10 - but call most every number you see "twooooos! threeeeees!" You can identify several of the letters in your name (I, N, O) but I think we still have a little way to go on alphabet comprehension.

One of your favorite things to do is watch movies and shows. I try to somewhat limit the number of hours we spend at this hobby - some days are better than others. Your favorite shows are Curious George, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chuck & Friends, Chip & Dale (and other classic Disney cartoons), Pocoyo, Chuggington, Finley the Fire Engine, and Thomas. Your favorite movies are Lady & the Tramp, Ratatouille, Cars, and Winnie the Pooh.

You're figuring out that the world may not actually revolve entirely around you, and we've had some meltdowns because of this. Right now, you are having a lot of trouble listening when Mommy and Daddy tell you to stop your feet from running (usually headlong into the couch, piano, fireplace, or baby) and you enjoy kicking and throwing all of your toys - rather than playing with them. We're trying to work out some solutions to help you understand that these are not the best choices to make!

Though we are striving to slow you down sometimes to keep you safe, we are amazed at your energy and your upbeat spirit. There is very little that can bring you down! You are one of the happiest little kids I have ever known.

We've made some serious progress as far as sleeping goes. When you turned two, you were still waking up several times a night and crying (which woke up your sister). For the last two or three months, you have gone to sleep in your bed (with Mommy or Daddy beside you) and you generally stay asleep until sometime between 4-6am, when you climb in bed with us, then sleep until 7 or 8. This has been a very welcome change. Last week, we started going all day without a nap. I don't think you are really ready for that change yet - but when you do nap, you have a hard time falling asleep until 10pm or even later. Without a nap, you're asleep by 7:30 or 8pm easily. 

After a phase of a couple months where you didn't really want to eat anything, you seem to have regained your appetite. You routinely demolish a 16oz cup of macaroni and cheese when we eat out at McAlister's Deli. You're not partial to a specific "noni" either; you will eat mac and cheese three meals a day. Other foods you love are cottage cheese, string cheese, shredded cheese, sliced cheese (do you see a theme?), graham crackers, waffles, French toast (and syrup), scrambled eggs (with cheese), chicken nuggets, ketchup, applesauce, peaches, grapes, "blue grapes" (blueberries), and baby sister's puffs. I'm glad that you enjoy eating again! I'm almost tempted to try the T-Rex Cafe again, but I think we'll wait awhile longer. You've moved up to sitting in a booster chair at the table at home and you're learning to take your plate to the kitchen counter when the meal is done. You also do reasonably well sitting in a booster chair at restaurants.

 You usually nurse in the morning when you wake up, and at bedtime - and a couple times in between. You were nursing before and after your nap, but since that is mostly gone now, we're finding our way. You may be in a growth spurt or just need some mommy time - yesterday, you said "more dee!" from the moment you woke up until you finally went to bed at night. I don't know why "dee" means nursing, but it does and you know how to ask. I think it's pretty sweet.

You're wearing size 3T clothing all around and it fits well except some of your pants are just a bit too long. We've finally moved past having to put you in 1-piece zip up pj's, because you no longer insist on having your hand in your pants while you sleep (yay)! You are very attached to all of your jammies when it is time to get dressed in the morning. Whenever I try to get you dressed, I am met with "NO!!! MONKEYS!!!!" or "NO!!! TRUCKS!!!" You also seem to routinely have meltdowns when we take off your socks. I'm not sure what that's about.

You love to play in your Sunday School class, and talk about your friend Grace (and her little brother Connor) and your cousin Kinley all the time. Whenever we get in the car, you ask "Kinley? Grace? Puppy? Pa? Papa? Mam? Pap?" - naming all of the houses you know.

You are still completely obsessed with vehicles. Trucks, trains, planes, "ki-yoos" (police cars), "wiretrucks" (firetrucks), name it, it's your favorite thing. Lately I've heard you say "dump truck," "cream truck" (ice cream), "ment truck" (cement), tow truck, mail truck, and just today - "monster truck." We are still trying to encourage reading all the time, but were set back a little by the $35 library bill.

I can't believe that you are now closer to age three than age two. That seems impossible, little boy. Just impossible.

We have our moments, you and I. Some days I go to bed at night wanting to cry because I am afraid I have failed you. You and I are both pretty stubborn creatures and I don't want to stifle you in an attempt to come out on top. I am so blessed and so thankful to be the one that you call mama. And I can't wait to see what you learn between now and three!

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