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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lincoln: 2 Years Old


Oh, my little man.  Where have the past two years gone?  It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming you to the world.  The past year, we have watched you learn and grow so much!  This year, you said your first word (ball), went on your first trip to the zoo, learned to love cars and trucks.

We played at the park, spent hours upon hours outside on the deck and on walks through the neighborhood.  We went swimming with friends.  We had a lot of playdates with your friend, Grace. We traveled to Omaha to visit the zoo.  You flew on a plane for the first time, for Uncle Andy and Aunt Rachel's wedding.  We went to the pumpkin patch, the Enchanted Forest and a local festival

You discovered Cars (the movie).  You dressed as Link for Halloween.  You moved into a big boy toddler bed.  Got your first haircut.  You are learning so many new words every day. You don't hesitate to tell us what you like and what you don't.  You change so quickly, it scares me.

We somehow survived mommy's pregnancy and welcomed your little sister, Adelaide, in November.  We made it to two full years of nursing,which was something I never expected when we started our breastfeeding journey.

You are big and strong and so very fast.  Sometimes, I can hardly catch you!  You live life with absolute exuberance.  You weigh about 31 pounds and are somewhere close to 35 inches tall.

You are the sweetest big brother.  Every day, Addie gets hugs or kisses and sometimes you ask to hold her.  When she starts moving around, I know you two are going to be the best of friends.

You have so much hair - and most of it has shown up within the last couple of months.  It's so blonde!  I love it.

The one issue we have is your sleep.  I don't know why, little boy, but you do not like to sleep.  We spend an hour or two every night rocking you to sleep or sitting at the side of your bed, waiting for you to fall asleep.  Once you are sleeping, you stay down for a few hours before crawling into bed with mommy and daddy. 

I can't wait to see what this year of being TWO will bring our way.

February 2011 - Lincoln's BIRTHday!

January 2012 (11 months old)

February 2012 (Lincoln's 1st Birthday)

February 2013 - Age 2 (Photo by Lisa B Photography)

Sweet, sweet boy - we love you to the moon and back, forever and always, and no one can ever replace you in our hearts.  Thank you for entering the world by storm, for making us parents, for bringing so much joy into our lives.  A lot of things about being a grown up are hard, but you make every single moment worth it.

Our hopes and prayers are that you continue to grow and learn and turn into the most awesome little man you can possibly be.  Happy 2nd Birthday, Lincoln.  You are the most wonderful boy in the whole wide world.

Mommy & Daddy

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