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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Addie's Favorite Things {2 Months}

I can't believe my sweet girl is already almost two months old.  Time is flying by!  Although, some days (today) may be both fleeting and unbelievably long - when the baby refuses to sleep more than two twenty-minute stretches the entire day.  So much for getting ahead of my blog schedule.  :)

Anyway - I wanted to share some of Adelaide's favorite things while she is still so tiny and snuggly!  These days are going by quickly, and I'm pretty sure my mommy brain is not retaining information as well as I might like.

Her Swing.  We have the Ingenuity Cradle and Sway Swing (Bella Vista) and she really loves it!  Lincoln was never especially happy in this swing, but she will spend 20-30 minutes in it when she is awake - just talking, kicking, and smiling at the firefly mobile (on the rare occasions when Lincoln hasn't ripped it off and carried it somewhere).  She also sleeps in it beautifully for her naps!  I am able to leave her asleep here almost every morning while I shower, and she usually takes at least one longer nap during the daytime.  Even with Lincoln clattering around, running into her, and pushing the sound/speed buttons, she will stay asleep and comfy! 

Nightgowns.  I really don't know why we didn't use infant gowns with Lincoln very frequently.  These things are wonderful.  They make middle of the night diaper changes so much easier, and the sleeves have fold-down mittens to cover those tiny little fingernails and keep baby from scratching herself if I haven't managed to keep up with clipping her nails. My favorites are from Carter's - they are unbelievably soft and I love them.

We also love these Carter's Swaddle Blankets.  After two kids, I have gone through a wide variety of blankets and while most have their merits - these are my favorite.  They are a knitted cotton material, super soft and the perfect size for wrapping up a squirmy little newborn.  I have so many of them and always want more when I see new designs, they are that comfy.  I wish they made them large enough for grown-ups!  I actually have been using these to swaddle her at naps/nighttime, rather than a swaddle wrap (which I assumed I would use).  As she grows bigger, I will likely switch, but I will make these blankets last as long as possible. 

I still have all of Lincoln's swaddle blankets, as well, and use them as a backup if I haven't done laundry in a week and a half.  He also still likes to snuggle with them!

Rock N Play Sleeper.  I bought this piece of baby equipment secondhand and I'm pretty sure it's my favorite baby purchase to date.  The Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper has far exceeded my expectations.  I actually just put away the bassinet that Lincoln slept in as a newborn because Adelaide sleeps great in this rocker and it fits right next to my bed - and I can stick an arm or leg out of bed to gently nudge her back to sleep with the rocking motion (okay, that only works like 3% of the time, but still).  There was actually just a recall to inspect issued on these last week, but I checked and mine is fine.  If you're buying a new one, just keep the info in mind and keep an eye on it. 

Bath Time.  She loves, loves, loves having a bath!  She is so calm when she hears the water run, and loves to kick and just be in water.  She doesn't even mind having her (very little) hair washed!  She's not a huge fan of being undressed and cold when it's done, but really, who enjoys that?

Big Brother.  Lincoln is definitely at the top of her favorites list.  He gets the biggest smiles, the most rapt attention, and the most heartbroken cries when he accidentally crawls on top of her.  I'm pretty sure once she figures out how to move, he is going to have an inseparable little follower.  I don't think he will mind - he really enjoys having her around.  He is constantly giving her kisses (only prompted about half the time) and trying to hug/hold her.  I think they are going to be good friends.

Nursing.  It would be impossible to skip this one after today - when she has literally nursed nonstop.  I finally declared that I needed a rest and made her wait like an hour this evening after Daddy came home.  Maybe it's a growth spurt?  She's gotten a little lazy with her latch and I am sore because of it, so we are working to improve this quickly.

What are your must-have baby or toddler items?

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