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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Truck, an Ark, a Zoo.....and a Toothbrush.

Before Christmas, I was worried about how much stuff was going to be entering our house.  I was right to be concerned.  Just yesterday, we finally found the surface of the kitchen table.  It's been missing for weeks now.  Having a newborn + a major holiday = major influx of things and no time/energy/motivation to deal with them. 

But I digress.  Now that we've had a few days to get the house back in order, I don't mind as much.  And all of the Christmas fun means there are some new things keeping Lincoln from going completely stir crazy as we are stuck indoors most of the time.  Here are a few of his favorite new things!

Little Blue Truck - Board Book Edition.  We had the hardcover version of this book checked out from the library for months.  I found it at Target in board book form the week before Christmas, and even though I was done shopping, could not resist.  I can't count how many times we have read this book.  And the grin on his face when I say "Beep!Beep!Beep!" is absolutely priceless.

Little People Noah's Ark.  I love this toy!  I have to admit that Lincoln does not fully understand the story of Noah and has yet to actually put the animals in two-by-two.  I actually find the ark more frequently stuffed to overflowing with cars.  Oh well.  We'll get there!

Can you tell it was a Little People Christmas around here?  He also received the Animal Sounds Zoo, Batcave, and Ferris Wheel play sets. And they are all pretty popular.  We frequently find the people from the fair driving the Batmobile and the most frequent riders on the ferris wheel include the Joker, Wonder Woman, and Superman. 

I know, this post is about Lincoln and his favorite new things, but I feel mine deserves an honorable mention - I am in love with my purple Chewbeads necklace (you can kind of see it sandwiched in between my sweet babies in this photo)!  Now if only I left the house and looked fashionable....ever.

But the favorite gift?  I'm not going to lie.  I think it's his toothbrush.  He is literally obsessed with it. 

I'm linking up with Growing Up Geeky for next week's Toddle Along Tuesday!  Which holiday gift is most popular at your house?


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