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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our Favorite Books Right Now {Toddler Time Tuesday}

I used to have a monthly reading corner recurring post. I never intended for it to disappear, but after our library book incident, reading tanked around here for a few months. I never got back into the swing of the post once we had regained some interest in reading - but I think I've decided it's time to bring it back. It's ridiculous that my last favorite book post was in July.

So for now, I want to touch on a few of our most recent favorite books. I'll work on getting a new graphic for the Reading Corner post and give it a grand re-appearance at the end of the month!

1. Sofia the First: First Look & Find. Disney Junior. Both Lincoln and Addie are obsessed with these Look & Find titles! Lincoln has most of the item locations memorized at this point and Addie finds far more than you would think a 14-month-old might!

2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: On the Go First Look & Find. Disney Junior.

3. I See You In The Ocean. Kidsbooks, LLC. We received this book for Christmas and it has been an outstanding favorite. The kids love the googly eyes. I love the peek-a-boo characters.

4. It's a Small World: Furry Friends. Brooke Dworkin. This book, inspired by Disney's It's a Small World ride, is just beyond cute. It has touch-and-feel animals on every page and Addie loves it.

5. That's Not My Princess.... Usborne, Fiona Watt. Part of me wants to start (yet another) home business and sell Usborne books. I want to own every "That's Not My..." book. Every single one.

6. That's Not My Kitten.... Usborne, Fiona Watt. I love them all.

7. Curious George at the Zoo. H. A. Rey. This was one of Addie's birthday gifts and it has already been read to near death.

8. Destruction series. Erin Edison. Lincoln adores this set of 4 books - Blow It Up!, Knock It Down!, Crush It!, and Shred It! Have you entered the giveaway to win a set yet? It ends February 14.

9. Little People: What Do People Do? Fisher Price Reader's Digest, Matt Mitter. Another Christmas gift, this book is overflowing with little flaps to lift and it occupies Lincoln for ten minutes at a time.

10. Firehouse! Mark Teague. Anything involving a firetruck is a hit in our house. This is a new favorite.

11. Mike the Knight: The Triple Trophy Triumph. adapted by Tina Gallo. Lincoln really likes Mike the Knight - we don't have any DVDs or toys, but we look at this book all the time! He won't usually sit for us to read the whole thing - but he loves it anyway.

12. Curious George and the Firefighters. Margret & H.A. Rey. This is a book checked out from the library - we're trying hard to keep it from getting ripped. But, as previously mentioned, anything with a firetruck is a success!

13. A Treasury of Curious George. Margret & H.A. Rey. This was another Christmas gift (we received so many lovely books this year) and it was the first picture book that Lincoln actually sat through in its entirety. It contains six different Curious George stories, and some of them I even remember from childhood.

Now it's your turn! Link up a post below featuring your child's favorite books. We're always looking for new favorites.

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