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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Simple Moments v.9

Another week is already gone - crazy!  A certain almost-two-year-old's birthday is sneaking up on me and I'm not sure I have enough time left to get's hoping we can fit in a few simple moments as I am scrambling around this weekend trying to plan!

Here's a look at the last week!

Time Alone.  I've mentioned before in my Simple Moments post that eating alone is a huge deal anymore.  You know what's even better?  Eating alone in your car while out running errands alone.  My mom watched my little ones for an hour a few days ago and I hit five stores in that time.  Record.  While I was driving around, the radio may or may not have played Party in the USA and I may or may not have cranked it and had a ridiculous dance party.  We'll let you decide.

Education=Fun.  We found this free iPad app called I Hear Ewe and downloaded it to help Lincoln learn animal sounds (so far, he knows dog, cat, and lion).  Kid is too smart for his own good and discovered that of the three pages of sounds to hear, one of them is strictly trucks, cars, helicopters, etc.  It's his new favorite obsession and if we try to get him to listen to the animals - he just slides the screen right back to the trucks.

Yikes, crazy overexposure. :\

Snacks with Friends.  The only thing that made this more exciting for Lincoln and his friend Grace was that they got to play in our backyard for over an hour.  It was sixty degrees here yesterday!  Today the rain and gloom are keeping us inside, and Lincoln doesn't understand why.

Kitchen Table Fort.  Another new game around here.  My kitchen is always a disaster anyway, so I don't mind if there are blankets hanging over the table and getting caught underfoot.  The happy giggles I hear while he is hiding under there make the mess worthwhile.

Instagram.  Somehow, this app managed to be deleted from my phone for several months.  I finally installed it again and am having fun playing with filters.  I'm ready for spring - the baby fashions seem much cuter.  You can follow me on Instagram if you want to see all the latest photos of my cuties.

What simple moments are you celebrating this week?


  1. I remember those days and the table forts! Cherish this time. I loved your story and photos!

  2. OH, my son is into making forts now, but every time, he tried to sit on top of it and it falls down...every time!


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