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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Buh Chew"

We are slowly making progress in the communication department.  Thank goodness.

A lot of Lincoln's words sound the same - or at least very, very similar.  "Truh" means truck or trash.  "Cruh" means cracker, "da" means daddy or diaper.  "Ma" or "Me" means binky.  "Bah" or "buh" means  blanket, baby, and a host of other things.  But most of all - right now it means brush

Or more specifically, toothbrush.

When I wrote about our favorite Christmas gifts last week, I knew the kid liked his toothbrush and mentioned it in the post because it was funny and cute.  It's still cute - but it has most certainly now moved to the level of obsession.  He's not actually brushing his teeth - he hasn't quite grasped the concept.  But he loves to sit on the counter, turn on the water, run the brush under, and stick it in his mouth.

Over and over and over and over and over.

I can only let the sink run indefinitely a couple of times a day, so I keep the bathroom door shut and hope that keeps tooth-brushing out of his mind.

Then, a couple days ago, he started repeating a phrase over and over.  Normally we interpret this as babble, but he was pretty insistent.  When we questioned him after hearing "buh chew" for the thirty-seventh time, he ran to the bathroom door and shouted "buh chew! buh chew! buh chew!!!"

The boy is saying "brush teeth."

Of all the phrases in the world, these are the first two words he strings together?  Brush teeth.  Seriously.

Perhaps he's going to be a dentist.


  1. haha Buh Chew...that could not be cuter!

  2. Flipping hilarious! By the way 'bah!' pretty much means everything in this house too... But it's amazing how you can use it to make them sound clever! (ball = bah! Book = bah! Haha)

  3. That last line made me laugh. ;)


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