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Monday, September 30, 2013

Being Two

- You look more grown up every day. Seriously? What happened to my baby?

- There are a lot of emotions. When you're happy, you're over the moon. When you're frustrated, you let us know. Usually in a big way.

- You repeat everything. Pieces of sentences, strings of words. They're the cutest things. "Close-ze door?" "Big box?" "Up over there?" "In here?" "Diggin'!"

- You adore your baby sister, but more than a few times in the last week alone, you have been sent to time out because you have been found pushing her down, sitting on her, or nearly strangling her. Usually it's a loving gesture. Usually.

- You remember what "quiet voice" means maybe 70% of the time. The other 30% - you wake up your sister and mommy is grumpy.

- You're generally not a super picky eater, but heaven help us if you decide you don't want to eat something that you normally love (and beg for), such as macaroni and cheese ("noni").

- You've been saying "thanks" for months, but just in the last week have seemed to grasp that saying "please" is also a good idea.

- You like coloring in your Doc McStuffins coloring book at the kitchen table.

- Some of my favorite things you say right now are "compsin" (compass), "a-ence" (ambulance), and "up eyes" (when you don't want to close your eyes - usually you say this when you're grumpy about going to sleep at night).

- You no longer take naps. It's not because you don't need one - I really think you do. But if you sleep at all during the day, it takes anywhere from 2-3 hours to get you to sleep at night. Your 8pm bedtime becomes 10:30pm. And that's just crazy. So, no naps it is. And no car rides after about 3pm because that's prime sleeping time.

- We've briefly touched on potty training. I don't think you're ready yet, so we're not turning it into a big deal.

- You know so many colors. Blue, green, orange ("renge"), red, yellow ("eh-yo"), black, brown, white, pink, purple. One of our favorite games is finding out what color everyone's eyes are. You know without looking that Baby and Daddy have blue eyes, and Lincoln and Mommy have brown eyes.

- Letters and numbers are another story, but I think we're making some progress. You consistently recognize O, B, and sometimes M.

- You like watching my drama students come and go for class each week. You say "hi girls" and "bye girls" to them.

- If you're hungry, you ask for "dinnuh" or "wunch" or "beks-fast." If I say no to one of them, you ask for the others.

- You don't snuggle as much as you used to when you crawl in bed with me in the morning. My favorite time of day is nighttime, when you relax in my arms and fall asleep. I love seeing your peaceful face after the whirlwind of the day.

- We frustrate each other, you and I. I'm trying to have more patience than I imagined I would ever need. And I try to tell you I'm sorry when I lose it. I hope that you know that I love you more than words and I feel so blessed to be the one that you call Mommy.


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